Traditional festival comes back with novelties


For the fifth year in a row the sports festival in Vilnius will be attracting visitors not only with conventional events but also with intriguing news.

The most powerful strength athletes on the planet with Zydrunas Savickas at the forefront, K-1 fighters from all around the world, body building and bikini European stars, a chance to test yourself in powerlifting competitions or join active workouts, a variety of sports and leisure clubs that may inspire the younger attendees to consider professional sports career or simply will encourage any age group sports fans to incorporate it into their leisure time -it is all at the Sports Festival in Vilnius  2015 and is coming near you for the fifth time.

The traditional festival is to take place on 3-4 October, 2015 in Vilnius, at Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO. Last year’s event attracted as many as 15 000 visitors.


“Probably the key ingredient in the recipe for success is that this festival is the only event in Lithuania which brings together everything related to sports and healthy living under one roof. Wellness is in fashion for quite a while now and more and more people tend to spend their free time being active. People are building interest in activities such as Nordic walking, jogging, yoga and in many other ways of staying active. Therefore, we can see a significant increase in people attending the event every year. Sport’s authorities who have already visited the event are suggesting to host such events in other cities”-said M.Paulauskas, Managing Director of the public institution “Sveikas Maistas” which hosts this years sports festival in Vilnius.


As every year, the fifth festival will be attracting visitors with a great amount of events. There will be an extensive fair that includes stands from sports schools and clubs, sporting goods and equipment exhibition, sport and wellness conference, “Savickas Classic” tournament and a K-1 World Amateur Championship. “Reebok” and “My Hero” training zones will be set up at the event too.

“The big news this year are K-1 World Amateur Championship, multifunctional “Reebok” training zone and sports and healthy living movement zone called  “My Hero”- M. Palauskas said.

The traditional tournament “Savickas Classic” will again bring together a wide range of  top levelinternational sport competitions. A round of World Strongman Champions League, Europe Amateur Championship, Log Lifting Championship, Body Building and Bikini Fitness Competition and  Powerlifting and Street Gymnastics Tournament will invite the strongest men on the planet to Vilnius. Furthermore, everyone who wishes to challenge their strength will have a chance to take part in strength and endurance test called “ Lift and Run”. In this world-famous competition, the very first thing you have to do is to lift from the chest a barbell of your weight and then run a distance of 5 kilometres.

Since the most important goal of this event is to increase the interest in sports and healthy living, those who come to visit LITEXPO on 3-4 October will have a chance to take advantage of many other sports and leisure activities, including the use of relevant equipment.

“During various events people used to ask me where could their children do sports and even it seems to be plenty of sports schools, there is not enough systematic information. Even all-powerful internet sometimes can be very misleading. As a result of this, we have decided to host a festival where schoolchildren could find extracurricular activities.The festival is being organised at the beginning of October for a reason, so children would already have school schedules and are all settled in after summer holidays. Among several hundred of clubs children will be able to find a few or a dozen that interest them most and even if they do not like it after attending it for a month or so they will have  a choice of trying and choosing another club. This has been the initial idea of the festival, but almost from the very first year it attracted not only the younger generation, but all people who take care of their health. Everyone has been able to find something that is suitable for them. So from now on, this event is for everyone who wants to be active and live a healthier life than before”-Managing director of “Sveikas Miestas” explained.

This year Sport’s Festival in Vilnius will combine events that already have become a tradition:

– Vilnius Sport’s Fair, which will be equipped with interactive sports and leisure zones; sports clubs and societies exhibition; presentations of educational programmes from sports clubs; open tournaments. A great amount of clubs in capital will offer discounts and invite new members to join.

– “Savickas Classic” tournament; in  line with Lithuanian Powerlifting Federation, World Strongman Champions League semi finals, Log Lifting Championship , Body Building and Bikini Fitness Competition and  Powerlifting and Street Gymnastics Tournaments will be held in Lithuania.

– Sporting goods and equipment exhibition; visitors will have a chance to see the latest  trends in sporting goods and equipment. New sports and leisure clothing lines will be launched; expert advice will be available.

Also, this year’s event will invite to take part in:

–  Two days special programme held in “Reebok” training zone; more than 20 active workouts , Cross Fit and functional training zones.

–   Sport and Wellness Conference; motivational, healthy and active lifestyle promoting presentations will be delivered. Famous athletes, coaches, sport and healthy lifestyle experts will share their experiences with the visitors.

–   K-1 World Amateur Championship; over 300 athletes from more than 20 countries will compete in three rings. Europe and World champions and K-1 Professional Grand Prix tournaments winners will take part too in the championship.

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