Magic Christmas Tree in Vilnius


The biggest Christmas tree in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is set up as a cosy house, sending the message of “one world, one home”. This remarkable tree invites you to step inside and get a fairy-tale feel. Underneath the branches, a 65 square meter area big Christmas fairy tale cottage is installed. In this tree-cottage, children and young people get fairy tale readings every day. During the festive season it is expected to receive 15 000 listeners of the Christmas stories read by famous Lithuanian people, actors and volunteers.

Aiming to point out that there is no need to abuse nature to satisfy your Christmas decoration needs, a 25m-tall tree structure is covered with live tree branches, freshly chopped off during a planned logging. The Vilnius tree is adorned with glittering lights, 23 glowing lanterns one meter each, 13 illuminated vaulted windows and 6 charming balconies, made of Lithuanian wood.

50 thousand light diodes and more than 3,200 meters of LED rope light is used to illuminate the tree, which will delight the people and guests of Vilnius until January 6, 2016.

Dominykas Koncevičius is the author of the idea, and the Private Company UAB Švenčių studija is the implementer.