Vilnius Tech Park show office to give entrepreneurs enticing preview of the facilities in store at new tech hub

A show office has been opened at Vilnius Tech Park this week, providing budding entrepreneurs with a glimpse of the top facilities the tech hub will have to offer when it opens its doors later this year.

The park, which will be the biggest ICT Hub in the region, is currently being developed in the Lithuanian capital. And according to architects A2SM, the example office opened this week gives an accurate reflection of the interiors, furniture and equipment that will be used throughout the 9,000 square meter site.

The 19th century buildings, on the grounds of a former stately home, are being turned into state-of-the-art office and co-working spaces for more than 700 people. The Tech Park, which is adjacent to Vilnius’ historic old town, will also have lounge areas, cafes and other facilities.

“We’re moving full speed ahead,” says Darius Žakaitis, Vilnius Tech Park’s co-founder. “Currently more than 100 construction workers are working on the site to fully renovate these 19th century buildings.” Mr Žakaitis is convinced that the newly opened show office will give local and foreign start-ups a better idea of the infrastructure and facilities they can expect from Vilnius Tech Park.

Comfort the number one priority
A2SM, the architects responsible for the development of Vilnius Tech Park, have a number of office buildings and developments for international companies in their portfolio. The biggest challenge they faced with this project, they say, was how to create a comfortable and contemporary working environment while still maintaining the historic spirit of the site that is considered a cultural heritage. “We left some of the original brick walls and beams. At the same time we installed modern concrete floors and selected contemporary details for the interiors,” Aurimas Sasnauskas, architect of A2SM explains.

One of the main focuses for the renovation was on seating and lighting solutions. “The developer explained that comfort is a priority,” continues Mr Sasnauskas. “As most young entrepreneurs spend long hours at their desks, finding comfortable seating and lighting solutions for these spaces was of the utmost importance. It is safe to say that the solutions used in Vilnius Tech Park are equal to those of most modern, A-class offices currently being developed in Vilnius.”

Because Vilnius City Municipality is one of the Tech Park’s closest partners, one of the first people to test out the comforts of the example office was Vilnius City Mayor Remigijus Šimašius.
“I am thrilled at how fast the project is being developed. The fact that together with international start-up community we will soon be able to enjoy one of the most modern and complex technology hubs in the region makes me very excited. The team of Vinius Tech Park did an amazing job renovating the buildings, attracting new companies to Vilnius and encouraging start-ups from our Eastern neighbours to take a closer look at Vilnius start-up scene. Due to the potential of this park, its closeness Vilnius historical old town and strong community here, I see Vilnius Tech Park as a space to share ideas, experience, and creative solutions on a regional level. As a mayor, I am proud that Vilnius city is a part and a fully supportive partner of this project”, Mr Šimašius commented.

So much more than just office space
Standing in the google-esque new office, freshly painted and stylishly fitted out, Mr Žakaitis is keen to highlight the range of rental options the Tech Park will provide, and the efforts the project is making to offer affordable facilities of the very highest quality. “Offices like this one are on offer to start-ups for €11 per square meter per month, a price that is below the Vilnius average for an office of this standard. And because we understand that start-ups are price sensitive, we are also offering simpler spaces for €6 per square meter per month. We are even offering spaces for free for a period of up to three months for start-ups that are setting up exclusively in Lithuania.“

And of course there will be plenty of space for freelancers too, with fully-equipped, fixed co-working spaces available for €179 per month, and flexible options available at €159.

But the scope of what Vilnius Tech Park provides doesn‘t end at office space. The hub will provide entrepreneurs with on-site access to venture capital funds Practica Capital and IMI.VC. Additionally, seed fund and accelerator Startup Highway, which will also be located in the park, has recently announced an international open call offering up to €50,000 in seed investment, plus mentoring and the possibility to work at Vilnius Tech Park.

Start-ups who set up in Vilnius Tech Park will also be able to make use of a range of other on-site business development partners. These include Alien Technology Transfer, a British consultancy specialised in applications for the EU’s Horizon2020 SME instrument. The park will also have leading legal, communication and HR companies on site. “As we are building our business development infrastructure, every partner brings its own added value, not only with their top skills but also with flexible community rates. We aim to have international leaders in their fields available on site and at rates that are affordable for start-ups,” comments Mr Žakaitis. He also anticipates that the industry events and international VC visits hosted at the Park will expand the horizons of the entrepreneurs working there, and will bring a wealth of opportunities for their growth.

About Vilnius Tech Park
The region‘s  most complex and integrated ICT hub, Vilnius Tech Park aims to attract and unite innovative talent  from game development, big data, cyber security, smart solutions, fintech and digital design. 9000+ sq. m of working space, located in renovated XIX century buildings will hold 700+ working places for entrepreneurs and professionals, unmatched business development infrastructure with VC funds, accelerators, consulting and legal services on site, and a conference centre for local and international tech events. Vilnius Tech Park is about to be officially opened in Vilnius this September.