Vilnius Municipality to temporarily halt roadworks from September 1st

Roadworks Roadworks will be temporarily halted from September 1st – 16th

Vilnius Municipality has confirmed that all roadworks in the city will be suspended from September 1st–16th, 2016.

The decision was taken to reduce congestion and disruptions to the journeys of residents returning to work, school, and university after the summer.

Between June–August 2016, the municipality repaired around 40 kilometres of streets and pavements in Vilnius.

Repairs were made to improve conditions for drivers on Geležinio Vilko, Kareivių, Savanorių, and Minsko Streets, which have the highest density of traffic in the city.

In the city centre, pavement repairs were carried out to improve pedestrian access to Konstitucijos Avenue, as well as T. Kosciuszko J.Basanavičiaus, Kalvarijų, and J.Jasinskio Streets.

The surfaces on the main roads in the Žvėrynas district – Kestutis, A. Mickiewicz, and Liubarto Streets – were also completely resurfaced.

All resurfacing work will stop on September 1st, and on September 5th all repair works to pavements will be stopped in the city centre. They will resume on September 16th.

Regarding the decision, Vilnius Vice-Mayor Linas Kvedaravičius said: “Last year before Vilnius Municipality even agreed on how to repair the streets, we clearly established that roadworks should be of little disturbance as possible to our residents.

“We decided that repairs will not be carried out during peak times and instead, will take place at night.

“We planned it this way so that those returning to work, university, and school in early September would not have their journeys disrupted.”

“Once traffic flows return to normal later in the month, only then will we resume working as normal.”

The only exception will be the Western section of the bypass on Ozas, Ukmerges, and Čekoniškių Streets, where roadworks will continue as normal.

All photos by Saulius Žiūros.