“Master Class Lithuania” bring their executive search services to the Sapiegos community

“Master Class Lithuania”, one of the leading executive search firms in Lithuania, is to join Vilnius Tech Park’s business development network. “Master Class Lithuania” experts will assist members of the Sapiegos tech park community in finding and recruiting co-founders and C-level managers.

Promising conditions for attracting top talent

Founded 7 years ago, “Master Class Lithuania” has a wealth of experience, having conducted more than 300 executive search projects in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus. And according to Laura Duksaite-Iškauskienė, a partner at the company, the executive management level is of fundamental importance to both startups and international companies establishing new units in Lithuania. Thus, finding the right people is one of their biggest challenges.

“The good news is that fast growing ICT companies and international players looking to establish new units are desirable employers, so their chances of attracting and motivating the best people are greater,” explains Mrs Duksaite-Iškauskienė. “On the other hand, the market is competitive, and the best of the best have a lot of choices. Our job is to provide expertise and bring the message of new opportunities to the market,” she concludes.

Exclusive services for Sapiegos members

Having worked with a number of local and international companies, “Master Class Lithuania” are experts in the local executives market. And members of Sapiegos tech park in Vilnius will gain exclusive access to their expertise. “Our service for the “Vilnius Tech Park” community and for newly established companies in this hub will start with a welcome consultation session,” explains Mrs Duksaite-Iškauskienė. “This will give the companies a better idea of the talent pool and opportunities that are on offer for companies setting up in Vilnius. What’s more, we will be more than happy to assist further in finding and hiring the right people.”

For members of the “Vilnius Tech Park” community, this partnership is an opportunity to make use of a top level professional service. According to Mrs Duksaite-Iškauskienė, the new challenges this partnership will bring means the team at “Master Class Lithuania” are eager to get started. “We consider ourselves to be high level professionals, providing individually crafted services that our clients can use to fill the most important positions in their company. Our team is very excited to work with the dynamic members of the biggest startup hub in the region, and to provide them with exceptionally crafted professional services.”

Understanding clients’ needs

For Darius Zakaitis, Managing Director of “Vilnius Tech Park”, combining leading HR partners with the dynamic environment of the region’s biggest ICT hub will create the ideal conditions for talent attraction.

“Globally, more and more companies are looking for offices that are out of the ordinary,” points out Mr Zakaitis. “They also want to operate within a community of likeminded professionals. With more than 700 entrepreneurs in one location, Sapiegos is truly a pool of top talent, plus it features co-working facilities and will have regular events held on site. The only missing ingredient was a leading recruiter who could help our members to clearly communicate what they are looking for and then to find the best of the best. Now, with “Master Class Lithuania” on board, we really have all the bases covered,” Mr. Zakaitis explains.

Sapiegos’ development is now accelerating fast ahead of its official opening this October. Almost 70 per cent of spaces in the hub are already filled, and as Mr. Zakaitis reveals, most of the teams present have ambitious plans for growth in the nearest future. “We have a selection procedure that is focused on finding companies that are looking to scale. Therefore, most of our community members have clear targets to grow in terms of new markets, teams or products. And our business development infrastructure, which includes accelerators and VC funds, plus leading legal, HR, accounting and communication partners, is designed to enable them to grow even faster.”

About Sapiegos
The region‘s most complex and integrated ICT hub, Sapiegos tech park in Vilnius aims to attract and unite innovative talent from game development, big data, cyber security, smart solutions, fintech and digital design. The 9000+ square meters of working space, located in renovated 19th century buildings, will hold over 700 working places for entrepreneurs and professionals, who will also benefit from unmatched business development infrastructure and exclusive services from the park’s core partners Startup Highway, TEO and Omnitel, IMI.VC, Game Insight and DNB Bank.

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