to bring its healthy lifestyle revolution to Vilnius Tech Park, one of the first healthy lifestyle startups in Lithuania, has joined Vilnius Tech Park. The company, which has already been helping its clients to lead healthier lifestyles for three years, will also aim to improve the lifestyle of the startup community in the park.

Personalised wellbeing solutions provides personalised nutrition and fitness solutions online to help its growing user base lose weight and tackle obesity. It started operations in 2013, when a group of young, forward-thinking entrepreneurs decided to connect the latest technology with the skills and expertise of professional fitness trainers and nutrition specialists. To help its users stay motivated and hit their fitness target, the’s online services are backed by a team of personal trainers, dietary specialists, psychologists, and therapists. To date, has already enabled thousands of its clients to transform their lifestyles through dietary instructions and personalised exercise routines, plus all the support they might need along the way.

As the company’s CEO, Lina Jasaite, explains,’s approach is all about creating synergy, with users and professionals working together to achieve more. And for Ms Jasaite, the tech park is the ideal location to create greater synergy, thanks to its dynamic community. “Synergy reaches its peak when you work alongside other enthusiastic and professional teams,” she points out. “And because synergy is our key value, we decided that moving to Vilnius Tech Park was the right step for us. And have you seen that amazing park?”

Alongside supporting their clients, the team at also have their own personal healthy living goals, and they hope their presence in Vilnius Tech Park will help other startups to follow suit. With long working hours, lots of fast food and not much exercise all typical of life in a startup, aim to help their neighbours by giving them tips and encouragement on healthy eating habits, and organising exercise sessions in the park’s beautiful grounds.

Helping reinvent the startup hub’s presence fits very well with the tech park’s wider vision of creating a startup hub like no other, one where state-of-the-art infrastructure combines with fresh air and tranquil surroundings to create the ideal work-life conditions. Vilnius Tech Park is certainly the perfect location to put’s advice into practice, with a 1km jogging path, plenty of space for long walks and a scheme to encourage cycling to the premises.

Darius Zakaitis, the park’s co-founder, believes Vilnius Tech Park offers innovative businesses a different kind of working space, one which stimulates creativity and fosters healthy habits. “Businesses are getting bored with glass boxes, and hip industrial spaces are becoming too common to stay exclusive,” he argues. “With this project, we have chosen a completely different approach: 19th century buildings, surrounded by a luscious park adjacent to Vilnius old town. This kind of environment can only take your work-life balance and life quality to a whole new level, which in turn boosts creativity,” he explains.

And creativity is not the only thing that will be boosted in the park. With VC funds, accelerators and incubators on site, as well as a wide network of business partners ready to provide exclusive business services for community members, Vilnius Tech Park is the place to be for startups looking for dynamic growth.

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