Remigijus Šimašius invites 1,500 people to become Ambassadors of Vilnius abroad

At the 5th International “Adventur” Exhibition on Tourism and Active Leisure, which opened today, Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of Vilnius, opened a symbolic door to Vilnius, through which 1,500 Ambassadors of the Lithuanian capital will travel to foreign countries.

“Every Vilnius dweller and person who loves Vilnius and travels abroad is not just a simple tourist, but an Ambassador of Vilnius City,” said Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of the capital. “Today we are starting a three-day initiative, and plan for up to 1,500 people to become Vilnius Ambassadors if they wish. They should be determined to spread the news to the world about our open and hospitable city. We believe that residents of Vilnius are the best people to tell foreigners about the city, sincerely, with love, and with true personal stories from and about Vilnius.”

After the official opening of the “Adventur” Exhibition, Mayor Šimašius, together with Dr Darius Udrys, the Head of Vilnius’ Tourism and Business Development Agency “Go Vilnius”, invited all visitors to the exhibition to come to the city’s stand “Open the Door to Vilnius”, and were the first to symbolically open the door.

During the exhibition, visitors can open any of three doors on the stand, behind which one of the many views of Vilnius will be waiting for them. Those who can identify correctly which part of Vilnius they find themselves in will be rewarded with souvenirs, the title of “Vilnius Ambassador”, and the badge of an Ambassador (an exceptional collection of stickers, with which they will be able to decorate a beloved suitcase or rucksack, show their love for the city, and invite visitors from abroad). It is planned that over the three days of the exhibition, as many as 1,500 visitors to the exhibition will become Ambassadors of Vilnius.

Mayor Šimašius was the first to open a door to Vilnius, and named some famous places in the city: the Business Triangle, the sculpture Easter Egg (Margutis), St Casimir Street, the Vilnius District Prosecutor’s Office, and street art beside the Halė market. This way, he became the first one of Vilnius’ 1,500 Ambassadors.