Deeper joins the Vilnius Tech Park community

The highly successful Lithuanian startup Deeper has joined Vilnius Tech Park. Deeper designs, develops and produces smart devices for outdoor activities. Having grown exponentially in the last 5 years, and with products for sale in over 50 countries across the globe, they’re now ready to take the next step.

Smart Sonars and Locks

Founded in 2012, Deeper revolutionized angling with the introduction of the first ever castable smart sonar for fishing. A device small enough to fit in your hand, the Deeper fishfinder sends data on temperature, water structure, depth and, most importantly, fish location, directly to your smartphone.

According to CEO Aurelijus Liubinas, Deeper’s philosophy is to break new ground, every day: “Whether it’s developing new app features, smart yet durable hardware, or clever approaches to sales and marketing, we are always looking for creative ways to develop ourselves and our products.”

And breaking new ground they are, as 2017 promises to be a big year for Deeper; a brand-new product, the Deeper Lock, was unveiled in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Deeper Lock is a tech-powered bike security system that combines a robust stainless steel design with asymmetrically encrypted software operated using your smartphone. Equipped with anti-theft tools like a GPS tracker and a 110dB alarm to scare off potential thieves, the Deeper Lock is a promising device for urban cyclists.

Fostering creativity

As Mr Liubinas explains, the primary reason for choosing Vilnius Tech Park was the community. “We have a team of top specialists in a range of fields, from R&D and programming through to marketing and sales,” he says. “We want them to be working in conditions that foster creativity and dynamism. As our team grows, being based in such an inspiring place will help us bring in the new talent we need.”

And the team is growing indeed. “Deeper is now a medium sized company, and we are set to grow more this year,” points out Mr Liubinas. “That’s why we were on the look out for a new office space. And Vilnius Tech Park was the ideal solution.”

Sharing expertise

For Deeper, collaboration is a core priority. The company already has extensive experience working with universities and open access research centres in Vilnius, and in the first weekend of March it will be running Maker Fest, Lithuania’s first ever hardware hackathon.

Being surrounded by other innovators will enable even more knowledge-sharing. “In Vilnius Tech Park we’re at the heart of the Lithuanian startup and tech community. This will help us to learn from others, and to share our expertise so the Lithuanian tech scene continues to flourish,” says Mr Liubinas.

According to Darius Zakaitis, co-founder of Vilnius Tech Park, this attitude is exactly what the park is looking for. “Deeper is an innovative company that Lithuania can be proud of. Their young and creative mindset will inspire the park to look further, dig deeper and grow beyond themselves.”

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