Jurgis Didžiulis invites to elect the most hospitable places and people of Vilnius

Starting from May 30 residents and guests of Vilnius may cast their votes to a most friendly café, a restaurant or a museum, or an employee warmly smiling to visitors, as the 10th contest ‘Hospitality of Vilnius’ has been launched.

“I love Vilnius, and I want all to love the city! Vilnius is a place for a discovery around every corner – a piece of history, culture, a variety of delicious foods, live music, or a maze of authentic streets of the Old Town. ‘Nobody knows better than us how to help find what’s best in our city, therefore I invite you all to vote and elect the most welcoming and best locations in the capital’, calls the performer Jurgis Didžiulis.

Residents and guests of Vilnius are invited to vote for the most hospitable places and welcoming people in the capital at the website www.vilniaussvetingumas.lt until 30 September. The competition will elect the most welcoming hotels based in Vilnius, members of the Airbnb housing rental community, restaurants, cafés, bars, museums, galleries, and tour guides in Vilnius. Visitors of the Internet website may vote for most welcoming employees of accommodation and catering institutions, the most hospitable place of interest, the discovery of the year, and elect the most hospitable resident of Vilnius.

The most hospitable in Vilnius will become known in November, and the prizes in 10 nominations will be awarded to the places or employees rated the best by residents or visitors of Vilnius. This contest, held for the 10th time already, aims at improving the quality of the services provided by hotels, guest houses, restaurants, bars, museums, galleries and tour guides, and contribute to building a friendly and welcoming city.

Last year awards for the most hospitable services were granted to Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva, Shakespeare Boutique Hotel, Centro kubas – Angel, Neringa, Mint Vinetu, Artistai, Piano man, Lietuvos geležinkelių muziejus, Užupio kalvystės muziejus-galerija, Dom Bow Ties, Lithuanian Holidays. The most welcoming guide title was granted to Albertas Kazlaukas, and Nadežda Losevienė (restaurant Rib Room), Inga Monkienė (Holiday Inn hotel) and Justė Janulevičienė (Vytautas Kasiulis art museum) were elected to be the most hospitable employees.

TOP5 hospitality tips from Jurgis Didžiulis:  
1. Read the signs – if you see a person scrutinising a map, approach him and offer help.
2. Be brave, but polite, in other words – decisively helpful. Don’t get offended if your help appears not needed – just smile.
3. Share your advice based on your sincere expertise, something like ‘I admire the place because’… ‘I most often …’.
4. Show your interest in the person himself, try to guess what places would be suitable or enjoyable for him.
5. Learn 10 interesting facts about Vilnius to surprise the visitors!

 To vote for the most hospitable: www.vilniaussvetingumas.lt

Marketing and Communication Division, vrt@vilnius.lt