More Convenient Information for Tourists in Vilnius

Resource mobilisation for welcoming tourists to Vilnius, two special temporary Tourist Information Centres, travel information available in six languages: the City of Vilnius has implemented these and other initiatives in preparation for the reconstruction work at the capital’s airport. Everything is being considered in order to guarantee that tourists visiting the capital are properly welcomed and face as little inconvenience as possible.

The city’s tourist information system has adapted to respond to the fact that Vilnius Airport’s temporary closure will have a significant impact on tourist routes and that demand for accurate information will be on the rise.

The city’s official tourism and development agency, Go Vilnius, has taken action to ensure that visitors coming to the city do not experience disruptions – it has mobilised its Vilnius Greeters and has sent employees to assist tourists in Kaunas.

“Although temporary, the closure of the airport is inevitably affecting tourism. Amid these concerns we are prepared for the situation: not only did we establish new Tourist Information Centres, we have also called upon more than 200 Vilnius Greeters to help assist visitors,” said Go Vilnius Acting Director Inga Romanovskienė. “We are thankful to the city’s hotels, travel agencies, transport companies and other partners for their cooperation in preparing for the airport closure. We are especially thankful to Kaunas IN: together with them we identified practical solutions for both cities. This situation has once again proven that a shared goal unites and that together we can accomplish a lot.’

Two temporary Vilnius Tourist Information Centres were launched on the day of the airport closure and will be in operation until regular travel to Vilnius Airport is re-established. Additionally, a renovated, more convenient information centre has recently opened at Vilnius Town Hall.

A unique tourist information centre for both Vilnius and Kaunas has been set up at Kaunas Airport, where specialists from Kaunas now work alongside colleagues from Vilnius every day. They are ready to inform Vilnius visitors arriving to Kaunas about the capital and how to reach it by bus, train, or car.

Tourists travelling from Kaunas Airport to Vilnius by bus will be greeted at a temporary tourist information centre at the Panorama Hotel reception. They will be able to pick up city maps there and get other useful information and advice about the city.
In attempting to help tourists better plan their journeys, Go Vilnius has prepared information on how to reach Vilnius from Kaunas Airport by car, bus, or train. The distribution of this information in English, Russian, Polish, German, French and Lithuanian started this spring and is continuing online with the help of hotels and travel agencies.