Vilnius Is Being Introduced on One of the Largest Travel Organisation Platforms

This autumn Vilnius is being introduced to tourists on one of the world’s largest travel organisation platforms Expedia. The platform uniting a number of well-known travel websites such as is one of the most popular travel organisation tools among European and American residents.

“Expedia is very popular among travellers, however, so far Vilnius was only little visible on the platform. In the meantime, our neighbouring countries started using the potential of Expedia much earlier. It is high time also for Vilnius to introduce itself and start competing actively,” says Inga Romanovskienė, Acting Director of the Vilnius Tourism and Business Development Agency Go Vilnius. “The fact that the campaign is very relevant is shown by the active support of our partners”.

The marketing campaign is targeted at residents of Germany and the United Kingdom looking for ideas of travel destinations, also tickets and hotels for the coming winter season. The campaign ongoing in September and October on Expedia and websites offers Germans or British looking for travel ideas to choose Vilnius.

“The travel organisation platforms are becoming increasingly important intermediaries between tourists and the service providers, thus it is so important to be well visible; otherwise, we may lose this competitive fight. That is why it is very meaningful and necessary to strengthen the positions of Vilnius on one of the largest travel portals”, says Žydrė Gavelienė, President of the National Tourism Business Association.

The campaign launched on Expedia invites tourists to discover the winter beauty of Vilnius, particularly focusing on culture events, restaurants, winter entertainment, and Christmas celebrations. That is one of the measures expected to mitigate the seasonality of tourism in Vilnius and invite more guests to visit the city in winter period.

“Enhanced visibility of Vilnius on such targeted channel as Expedia is something that the entire capital’s hospitality sector has been waiting for a long time,” says Evalda Šiškauskienė, President of the Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants. “This winter tailored campaign will help the hotels to increase the occupancy in low season. In addition, we expect it to be even more efficient due to correctly selected German and British markets”.