Inga Romanovskienė Becomes the Director of VšĮ Go Vilnius

The Vilnius City Tourism and Business Development Agency Go Vilnius is now headed by Inga Romanovskienė. I. Romanovskienė, winner of a public competition announced by the Municipality who had previously worked as Acting Director of the company, says that she perfectly understands the extent of the responsibility and is ready for the interesting, albeit not easy challenges.

“Go Vilnius is expected to take active actions that will help new multinational companies establish their branches in Vilnius, create high value-added jobs, support and care for the established companies and make sure that the guests of Vilnius include it in the list of must-visit cities. I will strive for the team of Go Vilnius to be strong, motivated, competent and result-oriented. Together with the team we will send the message about Vilnius to the world, take care of the incoming businesses, guests and residents and implement changes necessary for Vilnius to become a strong competitor among the European cities”, – says Inga Romanovskienė.

Currently, the agency has 34 employees in the tourism, business and marketing departments, with almost one third of them taking care of the tourists in the city’s tourist information centres.
Vilnius is an ambitious city; therefore, the agency needs a strong, demanding and responsible manager. Before, I. Romanovskienė worked as Go Vilnius Head of Marketing for almost a year, managed the image department of UAB Maxima Lt for four years and accumulated a lot of valuable work experience in the fields of commerce and marketing.

According to I. Romanovskienė, the immediate challenges and activities are to show the advantages of Vilnius in the targeted tourism channels, to improve the accessibility of Vilnius by air, to present Vilnius at the international tourism and business events and, of course, to attract as many tourists as possible during the winter holidays.

In the longer term the new director says she will work towards closer cooperation with partners, reducing the seasonality of tourism and increasing the competitiveness of Vilnius among the potential investors and talents.

Go Vilnius is the official Vilnius City Tourism and Business Development Agency established in May 2016, expanding the activities of Vilnius Tourist Information Centre and Conference Bureau. The main task of the agency is to ensure the international competitiveness of the city.