100 years of independence – festive lighting of Three Crosses in Vilnius

Residents of Vilnius greeted the Finns celebrating 100th anniversary of their independence – the monument of Three Crosses was lit in the colours of the Finnish flag in Vilnius. The white and blue symbolizes to Vilnius and Finland multifaceted assistance of Finland in the path of our modernization and new challenges. Three Crosses will remain lit in these colours till the 7th of December.

“Finns are the first of the Baltic region states to celebrate their centenary. Let this light greeting of Vilnius give meaning to the friendship of both states and encourage guests from Finland to visit Lithuania, the city of Vilnius, and to get to know our city, our region, traditions and people”, – said the Mayor of Vilnius.

A few years ago a new sculpture “The Finn” was unveiled in Viršuliškės crossroads in Vilnius. The sculpture standing in the square of the business complex “Grand Office” was built at the initiative of the Finnish Embassy and the famous Lithuanian architect Gintaras Čaikauskas, and Tadas Gutauskas was its sculptor.

Vilnius has maintained a close relationship with the Finnish city Joensū for nearly five decades now. This was the first city-partner of Vilnius. The community of Karoliniškės eldership has been actively cooperating with Joensū.