Open Vilnius – the only municipality in Lithuania which accepts documents in English

The municipality of Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city, starts the year of the centenary of Lithuania by being even more open to the world. Starting from the 1st of January, it now accepts documents drafted in English. This service is of great benefit to English speakers living in Vilnius, who do not speak Lithuanian – since from now on, they can submit all their inquiries or other documents to the municipality in English.

“The City needs to be able to operate in the languages spoken by residents of Vilnius. Residents and guests of the city addressing the municipality have been receiving information in Lithuanian, English, Polish and Russian for two years now, and news in these four languages has been published on the city’s website; and as from this year, we will also now officially accept all documents in English,” – says Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of Vilnius.

As a matter of fact, Vilnius – the city of rapid progress – presented the world-famous humanoid Sophia with a certificate attesting to her status as a resident of Vilnius City in December last.

Among the services that foreigners avail of from Vilnius City Administration are declarations of place of residence, business licenses etc.

According to statistical data, Vilnius is the most multi-ethnic city in Lithuania. There are some 20,000 foreign residents, representing over 128 nationalities living in the city.

The City receives 120,000 visitors every year, with a daily average of 500 applicants looking for information and assistance. The City provides over 250 services, of which more than 100 are also available electronically.