The preliminary non-binding proposal of “Axis Industries” was presented during the multifunctional complex tender

The Commission, which consists of the municipality Administration, the Department of Physical Education and Sports, representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, and experts of PB “Invest Lithuania” and PB “Central Project Management Agency”, familiarised itself with the preliminary non-binding proposal regarding the multifunctional complex on Šeškinė hills, which was submitted by UAB “Axis Industries”. The proposal was presented by Damon Lavelle, an architect from Great Britain. He represents the company “Populous”, which has designed 26 stadiums, including UEFA category 4 stadiums.

During the multifunctional complex tender, preliminary proposals of two companies, UAB “Axis industries” and UAB “Vilniaus nacionalinis stadionas”, were submitted on 8 December 2017. The Commission determined that one of the participants, UAB “Vilniaus nacionalinis stadionas”, submitted the preliminary proposal improperly. The municipality takes the view that the proposal was submitted to the tender, but the experts of the Central Project Management Agency who give advice to the work group as well as the Public Procurement Office have a different opinion: UAB “Vilniaus nacionalinis stadionas” submitted the proposal improperly because according to the conditions of the tender, the proposal had to be submitted electronically in the central public procurement information system, not as paper documents.

The municipality discussed this with the project partners as well as with the consultants, and all of them take the view that the second participant of the tender, UAB “Vilniaus nacionalinis stadionas”, breached the terms of the tender and cannot move to the next stage of the tender. The conditions of the tender stipulate that preliminary proposals must be submitted via the Central Public Procurement Information System (the CPP IS), and not via any other technical means.

After the Commission’s assessment, the participant that complied with the project conditions will be invited to participate in the next stage and draft and submit detailed project proposals: a detailed urban and architectural solution of the multifunctional complex, a model of financial activities and a business plan of commercial practices. The proposal will be considered until the middle of June, then official negotiations will begin with the potential builder of the stadium. The signing of the concession contract after the negotiations are concluded and an application for EU financing is submitted is planned for the summer of 2019.

The multifunctional complex on Šeškinė hills will be intended for health promotion, education, and promotion of culture and employment. It is planned that the complex will contain a stadium accommodating 15,000 spectators and a sports museum. There will be a kindergarten for 300 children, at least three football pitches, an athletics stadium, sports halls, a centre for cultural and educational activities, and a library.