“Fintech” and “Blockchain” elite will meet in Vilnius

“We will celebrate an unprecedented housewarming party on the weekend”, said Lionginas Šepetys, Director of real estate group “Urban Inventors”, the owner of the exclusively-shaped Green Hall building. Nearly 150 guests, who can surely be called the elite of “fintech” and “blockchain”, will officially inaugurate the first international “Blockchain Center Vilnius” in Europe.

“Currently, the entire global “blockchain” community has one goal – to develop the technology itself. Many leaders know Lithuania because it already has blockchain start-ups having accumulated significant capital and building up a successful track record in international markets. We are interesting to the world, because we have talent, a serious scientific potential, a great interest in “blockchain” technology, the fastest Internet connection and favourable business conditions”, said Eglė Nemeikštytė, Head of Blockchain Center Vilnius.

Time will show if the strategic direction of Lithuania to become the leader of “blockchain” and “fintech” technologies in the region pursued by the Bank of Lithuania and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania proves right, but initiatives of “Sandbox, LBchain” bank are a strong signal for investors.

The opening of the “Blockchain” centre in Lithuania is a significant step in making the name of Lithuania known internationally and an extraordinary opportunity to attract international blockchain experts to Lithuania, to become a connecting link for blockchain technology enthusiasts, technology developers and business internationally. Bringing together so many experts from around the world in one place is an extraordinary opportunity for Lithuania to introduce itself, take over good practices of other countries and share its experience in developing new technologies and ideas”, said Rokas Bukauskas, the CEO of the law firm “PwC Legal”.

“Blockchain Centre Vilnius” will be opened in Vilnius this Saturday. The Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania Virginijus Sinkevičius, the representative of the European Central Bank Dirk Bullman, the member of the European Commission DGConnect Pierre Marro, the researcher from the Oxdord University Dr. Atif Ansar, the financial guru of the United Kingdom Budeep Singh Rangar, the Head of NEM.io Lon Wong, Cassandra Harry Dodhe working with Richard Branson and more than a hundred people representing different blockchain projects will attend the opening ceremony.

“Internationalization is our business card. Lithuania can become home to the best innovation projects in the world; very interesting and talented people will reside in Vilnius and develop their projects, true professionals in the field will share their knowledge and experiences in our centre. This is a unique chance for Lithuania and each one of us” – Eglė Nemeikštytė, the Head of the “Blockchain Centre” spoke optimistically of the idea.