Vilnius will be Bathed in Blue Light to Celebrate the Centenary of Estonia

In the evening on 24 February, Vilnius will be decorated with the colours of the Estonian flag. Three Crosses and the bridges in the capital will be blue, Estonian flags will fly over Lukiškės Square and the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. At 19:18, the Trumpeter of Independence will perform the national anthem of Estonia, spreading the message of unity and fraternity.


The Centennial Bell in the Cathedral Square will shine with the colours of the Estonian flag that evening as well. In this way the capital of Lithuania will congratulate Estonia on the Centenary of Independence on 24 February.


According to Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania and Estonia share the same history of the last century and a positive vision of the future, which unites and inspires.

“This year is very important to all Baltic states, so we are very pleased that we can join Estonia’s celebration. A week ago, we had an inspiring celebration of our own when bonfires were burning in the streets of Vilnius, songs were performed, and our neighbours, Estonians and Latvians, came to celebrate with Lithuanians. So I perfectly understand the happiness awaiting Estonian people on this occasion. Vilnius will wholeheartedly support Estonia and celebrate its independence,” said R. Šimašius.

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Vilnius is full of Estonia’s signs, one only needs to look closely and see them. Therefore, Go Vilnius, the official development agency of the city of Vilnius, decided to offer “Estonian” moments of the capital of Lithuania as gifts to our neighbours to celebrate the Centenary.

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The Estonian Declaration of Independence was officially proclaimed on 24 February 1918.