The works of “Kuriu Vilnių” are already driving around the streets of the capital city

“Painting Routers” – the first project implemented under “Kuriu Vilnių” (English: I am creating Vilnius) programme have been launched to the streets of the capital: exhibition on wheels – 5 trolleybuses decorated with paintings of well-known and actively creating new generation painters from Lithuania and Estonia – will travel around Vilnius till October.

“It is a pleasure to see the “Kuriu Vilnių” programme pick up the pace. This is the first project implemented this year, and thus today we can present the “Painting Routers” project, which has already become a tradition, for the second time. The project successfully implemented last year will once again fascinate the residents of Vilnius with works of art displayed on trolleybuses till October. This is a great opportunity to bring art closer to people. I wish the authors not to stop with these works alone, and to cheer up residents of Vilnius and guests of the city with other works next year as well”, Linas Kvedaravičius, Vice Mayor of Vilnius, greeted the audience.

Project participants include Goda Lukaitė and Donata Minderytė, Monika Plentauskaitė and Alexei Gordin, Kazimieras Brazdžiūnas and Vita Opolskytė,  Kristina Ališauskaitė and Rosanda Sorakaitė, Kristi Kongi and Rosanda Sorakaitė. The majority of painters have recently graduated from Vilnius and Tallinn Art Academies or still are students of the academies. We were able to see the works of the young authors in their personal exhibitions: the art exhibition “ArtVilnius”, the Vilnius Painting Triennial and the “Young Painter Prize” contest.

“The International Art Fair “ArtVilnius” contributes to the implementation of the project “Painting Routers”. This art fair taking place in Vilnius is a kind of institutional art router, which increases the spread of art, teaches the audience, activates the art market and seeks to bring art closer to the viewer. Therefore, “Painting Routers” presenting the works of painters of the young generation will be a sort of an interactive introduction to the 9th art fair “ArtVilnius”, which will take place in June”, says Diana Stomienė, the Head of the fair.

According to project organizers, this project is a glimpse into the intersection between the physical reality and our communication, which has increasingly been moving to virtual reality. Artists offer to think about what happens when paintings break out of the exhibition halls and the boundaries of a painting, creating an occasion in everyday life of residents of the city, surprising city guests, demonstrating them the vitality of our city, its reflective and auto-ironical relationship with the present.

Project partners are the Vilnius City Municipality, Vilnius public transport, the International Exhibition of Modern Art “ArtVilnius’18”, MB Untitled, “Go Vilnius”, “Heliopolis” and “Reklamis”. The curator of the project is Darius Jaruševičius.