Foreign companies are invited to get the taste of the capital working environment: the program “Workation Vilnius” was presented.

Vilnius is actively competing with other European cities to attract investment. This time, Go Vilnius, the official tourism and business development agency for the City of Vilnius, Lithuania invites foreign companies to experience how great it is to work, live and spend their free time in Vilnius and announces the start of the program “Workation Vilnius”.

In the era of global mobility, as more and more people dare to change their place of work and residence whereas companies compete for talented employees’ loyalty, the advantages and opportunities of the capital of Lithuania should be revealed to an even greater extent. Especially if demanding foreign business representatives get the opportunity to try out all of the advantages Vilnius has to offer.

Explore Vilnius this September

“Workation Vilnius” is a program whereby three foreign companies will combine work and leasure and delegate teams of 10 people. Each of them will be settled in Vilnius for a week. More and more business organizations from all over the world are witnessing the benefits of similar programs for employee motivation and productivity. Heads of companies not only test new opportunities but also assess the potential of other countries for business development.

“By inviting foreigners to try out Vilnius, we believe that they will appreciate the innovative, vibrant city, feel how open, green and clean, how cozy and alive Vilnius is. After all, here we have the fastest Internet in the world, we offer top reasonable office rental price among the major capitals of Europe, there are so many positive changes introduced every day. Participants of the program will have a great opportunity to experience for themselves that Vilnius is a great place to work and live, ” said Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius.

“When choosing a location for a new office, the company pays attention not only to the cost of rent and salaries, but also to the city’s culture, transport servise and quality of life. If the first factors can be assessed analysing the reports, the “softer” advantages of the location are revealed after spending more time in the city. We hope that the experience of “Workation Vilnius” will help participants to understand in which ways a modern and green medium-sized city is superior to the overgrown metropolitan areas in terms of , transport servise, work and leisure, ” Mantas Katinas, Managing Director of” Invest in Lithuania ” shared his thoughts.

Go Vilnius, the agency introducing Vilnius to foreigners as a developing city of the future will offer the participants of the program accommodation in the capital of Lithuania. The program package for the participants includes: a top-class office meeting any needs of a modern specialist, accommodation in the center of the city, cultural and active leisure program. The participants will get to know Vilnius not only through office windows, but will also get the change to try a hot air balloon flight or kayaking.

Foreign companies representatives will be invited to register on and participate in the competition. The winners will arrive to get the taste of the capital in September.

Vilnius has also been evaluated by well-known businesspeople

Famous Lithuanian businessmen and members of the business community also got acquainted with the program on May 8. Vilnius City Mayor R. Šimašius and program initiators Go Vilnius invited guests to explore Vilnius and evaluate how well it suits their needs in one of the most modernly equipped co-operation spaces in the “Monday Office” located in the smart business center “Green Hall 2”.

“Historically, Vilnius has always been a multicultural city, hosting representatives of different countries and nationalities – without their contribution our capital is unthinkable. Thus, the program “Workation Vilnius” partially extends this beautiful tradition, benefiting from new possibilities of modern Vilnius. We have repeatedly noticed that foreigners working in Vilnius often name the capital of Lithuania as a great place for work and residence. We also meet active entrepreneurial people who have little to say about Vilnius. Therefore, for this project we use the saying that it is better to see once, than hear a hundred times, “says Inga Romanovskienė, Director of Go Vilnius.

Event participants shared their experience of working in our capital. According to the participant of the event, Tadas Vizgirda, the head of the US company “Harbortouch Payments Lithuania”, the company opened its office in the capital due to the higher level of talent pool, the widespread knowledge of languages and the fact that it is easy to develop a business in our country. After a year’s business activity, the entrepreneur said the reality has far exceeded expectations, and the other companies of the corporation “Shift4 Payments”, which also owns T. Vizgirda’s company, decided to follow the example and set up technology and support centers in Vilnius.

Today  “Workation Vilnius” information campaign has been launched in foreign countries so the first applications are expected this month.