Exclusive attention from German media to Vilnius: it is presented to millions of readers

This month, Vilnius has enjoyed an exclusive attention from the largest German media portals, like those of media giants Stern and Focus, highlighting it as an interesting destination for its summer cultural events, which have been presented by tourism and business development agency Go Vilnius.

‘It is worth celebrating the centennial restoration of the independence! Lithuania and its capital Vilnius are well prepared for this occasion. The streets will turn into a concert stage, there will be lights everywhere, and many art expositions will be open for the public. This is going to be a real feast to your eyes’, in one of its publications of 20 May, noted Stern that enjoys the 30 million audience every month. It mentioned summer cultural events in Vilnius, like ArtVilnius, Let there be night, Days of the Capital.

‘Coachella is over, the Hurricane festival has not yet started’, writes Focus that enjoys the audience of 80 million, having in mind some of the most famous summer festivals in the US and Germany, and referring to  the centennial celebration in Lithuania. ‘But the summer feasts are not over yet. ‘The summer days in Vilnius are long, which is a great reason to visit the capital of Lithuania and see what it can offer on the occasion.’

More than 30 media channels, including popular regional and travel portals featured Vilnius as a result of the campaign held by Go Vilnius in Germany.

The attention of the whole world, including the German media, has also shifted to Vilnius because of the fact that Vilnius succeeded to get on the top ten list by the Lonely Planet of the most visited places in Europe. The German giants Spiegel (monthly audience of 114 million) and Bild (170 million) took the opportunity to present Vilnius to German travelers.

Germany is among the priority markets for tourism in Vilnius: The Lithuanian capital has been consistently presented in this country as a weekend destination, focusing on the most interesting events and the centennial of the restoration of the state. German tourists represent the fastest growing tourist group in the capital. In the first three months of this year, almost 12.000 tourists from Germany visited Vilnius, which is 40.1 per cent up on the same period last year.