Vilnius is increasingly discovered by tourists from Germany, Latvia and Poland

The growth of the number of tourists in Vilnius keeps its momentum. In the first three months of this year, it grew by 7.5 % compared to the last year, with the largest number of tourists- over 40 % -coming from Germany.

According to the statistics of accommodation published by Department of Statistics, in the first quarter of 2018, Vilnius welcomed 209.5 thousand visitors, staying for 389.5 nights. Compared to the same period in 2017, the number of overnight stays increased by 4.3 %.

76.8 per cent of all of the guests that stayed in accommodation establishments in Vilnius were foreigners (160.9 thousand), which was 6.4 % more than last year. Most tourists came from Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Poland and Germany.

Compared to last year, the largest increase in the number of tourists was from Germany (40.1 %), Latvia (14.9 %), Poland (14.7 %) and Estonia (13.6 %).

‘Our consistent efforts have paid off – the statistics confirms the growing number of tourists from all our priority markets. We are very pleased with almost double flow of tourists from Germany. We have lately witnessed a steady increase in the number of guests from Latvia, who succeeded to make it to the top three in the first quarter this year, said Jolanta Beniulienė, Head of Tourism & Convention Bureau, tourism and business development agency Go Vilnius. ‘To make our message about Vilnius heard by the largest possible number of foreign visitors, we cooperate with Lonely Planet and Expedia, and present the city in tourism exhibitions and social networks, we spread the news about the upcoming events across the world media, we also show the city to foreign journalists and bloggers.

This week, Vilnius has been listed among the top ten the most visited destinations in Europe by the world’s largest travel guide, Lonely Planet. In cooperation with Go Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania has been presented as a weekend destination to 5 million audience of the largest French channel TF1. The most attractive events are presented in the media of Latvia, Poland and Germany.