This summer’s hottest blockchain unconference – in Vilnius

This July 15th to 22nd, hundreds of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and crypto pioneers will arrive at the Vilnius Grand Resort, Lithuania for seven days of workshops, case studies, and panel discussions on the future of blockchain.

They will arrive for The Pillar #Unconference, that is an unstructured, crowd-sourced event for those interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and decentralized technologies.

“The 2018 Pillar #Unconference is definitely the must-attend event of the year. A unique participant driven event designed to take networking to the next level with blockchain and crypto influencers such as Vinay Gupta – known for his work with the Etherium foundation in attendance.

I am very proud that Pillar decided to hold this year’s event in Vilnius, Lithuania as it shows great recognition of our achievements in blockchain and delivers a fantastic present for the blockchain community of the region as the event is completely free of charge!“ says Egle Nemeikstyte, director of Blockchain Centre Vilnius.

This year’s Unconference will focus on ecommerce business owners who want to connect and build tools, middleware, or infrastructure on the Pillar wallet platform. David Siegel, founder of the Pillar Project will give his famous ‘Busin+ess Agility Workshops’ with lectures and exercises on startups, ICOs, self-management, decision science, and tokenomics, as well as his vision on the future of the Pillar wallet. The unconference will also have a ‘devcon’ track for blockchain and smart contract developers to meet, collaborate, and showcase their latest work and insights. In addition, the event will be host to the Pillar token-holders’ general meeting.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs, tech companies, developers, and thought leaders will be attending throughout the week.

  • Lex Sokolin, director of Fintech Strategy at Autonomous NEXT, will lead masterclasses on crypto capital markets, ICOs, and token investing.
  • David Siegel, founder of the Pillar Project and author of The Token Handbook, will lead a four-day Token Camp on tokenonomics and daily workshops on business agility.
  • Vinay Gupta, project manager from the original Ethereum team, will host talks on the ‘Internet of Agreements’ and ‘Blockchain and the Law’.
  • Radix will host a ‘devcon’ track for blockchain and smart-contract developers and have partnered with the Blockchain Centre Vilnius, to engage their local communities.

With attendees that span specializations across fintech, cybersecurity and blockchain – it’s going to make for interesting discussions all round.

The Unconference will also include festival activities such as local beer tasting, hot air balloon rides, water jetpacking, restaurants, packages for children, open stages for musicians and performers, and a closing party at the historic Trakai castle.

The organizer is The Pillar Project, a Swiss-based non-profit building the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency and token wallet.

Visit the Pillar Unconference website for more information.