A new tourism project to encourage traveling around Lithuania


A new tourism project “Surink Lietuvą” (Collect Lithuania) has just been launched. It is to encourage people to travel around their country. The project involves all 60 municipalities, including Vilnius.

The point of the project is collecting magnets of the form of each visited area and putting all the 60 parts together to make up the map of Lithuania.

This project was initiated by Ukmergė Tourism and Business Information Centre. The development of the project took nine months. Each magnet has a story behind it. For example, the magnet of the Ukmergė region tells about the hill and singing pigeons, Akmenė – about dinosaurs and butterflies, Marijampolė – about cats that the Countess loved so much, and so on.

“This is the first project of this kind, uniting all of Lithuania. We have no doubts that it will add to the momentum of the local tourism, after all, traveling across the country and discoveries in the regions is a real magnet for tourists’, said Indrė Trakimaitė-Šeškuvienė, acting Head of the Department of Tourism.

For more information on discounts for travels in Lithuania, the project and the feedback, please visit the Facebook page of the “Surink Lietuvą” website.