Meeting between Mayors of Vilnius and Klaksvik

Today, Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius met with Jógvan Skorheim, Mayor of Klaksvik (Faroe Islands), and Tumas Lervig, President of the KI Klaksvik Football Club. The Mayor of the second-largest city in the Faroe Islands arrived in Vilnius to support their football team in the matches played with the Vilnius Žalgiris club. J. Skorheim was pleased that he came a little earlier and spent several days exploring the old city of Vilnius, which he really liked.

Yesterday’s match between the Žalgiris and KI Klaksvik football clubs ended in a draw 1: 1. Žalgiris will continue in the UEFA European Qualification Round. R. Šimašius and J. Skorheim exchanged on the challenges of both cities, the political situation, the economy, the biggest projects of recent years, tourism and the most popular sports.

‘Much has been done towards better future of football in Vilnius: we are successfully progressing in the negotiations of the final agreement to build the National Stadium, we have agreed with the Lithuanian Football Federation on the new football complex in Naujoji Vilnia. We also launched a programme providing for at least one covered football field a year – this year we have had one built in Pilaitė; and we annually renovate at least ten school football fields. We are about to start with a mini-football field programme that will be used by kindergartens and then, in the evening, by all the children. 10 have been scheduled this year. We have also been upgrading the school stadiums as regards proper lighting’, said the Mayor of Vilnius, sharing his ambition of becoming the capital of Baltic football.

According to Mayor of Klaksvik J. Sorkheim, although his city is home to only about 5 thousand, 1 thousand fans gather in key football matches. Football is the most popular sport in their city. When leaving, J. Skorheim invited R. Šimašius to visit Klaksvik in the Faeroe Islands, known for their spectacular nature, mountains and fishing tourism all across the world.