Šimašius: one day Russia will be proud of having its embassy by B. Nemcov square

Friends, comrades and family members of the politician, democrat Boris Nemcov assassinated in Moscow 3 years ago and Vilnius citizens opened a square named after B. Nemcov by the Embassy of Russia in Latvių street tonight.

Vilnius is the second in the world that has bravely memorialised the memory of the Russian democrat B. Nemcov. This year in Washington, a section of Wisconsin Avenue by the Embassy of Russia was also named after B. Nemcov. The square opening ceremony in Žvėrynas district was attended by many famous Russian oppositionists, independent journalists, B. Nemcov’s daughter Žana Nemcova, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius, Vytautas Landsbergis, the Chairman of the Supreme Council – Reconstituent Seimas, other honourable guests.

Nuotr. Sauliaus Žiūros

“Naming this square in front of the Embassy of Russia after Boris Nemcov is not a coincidence. It is, no doubt, a message and a sign of respect. This prominent figure was our friend, he supported the Baltic nations at the moment significant for us, we always felt his partnership. B. Nemcov was an extraordinary personality in the Russian politics, a fighter for peace, democracy, freedom, for human rights. It is the square of freedom, democracy, peace and defenders of these values in Russia. I believe that one day even those who did not support this idea, we be ultimately proud of it”, Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of the city of Vilnius, said before opening the plate with the name of B. Nemcov square in the Russian and in Lithuanian languages.

“In addition to what has been already said about my father, I would like to add that, in my opinion, he was a unique politician. There are not so many politicians able of perceiving the current situation correctly and if you fail to perceive it correctly, you cannot take correct decisions. Another and even a more important trait of his was that my father was capable of foreseeing how the political situation was going to develop, its consequences. His most tragical thoughts, apprehensions came true. Those prophetic thoughts sometimes were so implausible that even the closest comrades failed to believe them. My father was an extraordinary man and it is namely for this reason that we are here”, Žana Nemcova shared her reminiscences of her father assassinated in the centre of Moscow on 27 February 2015.

Nuotr. Sauliaus Žiūros

The deeds of one of the most active Russian opposition leaders assassinated three years ago are not forgotten by his comrades and by many people who fought for freedom and independence in Lithuania and in neighbouring countries.

Nemcov, Ana Politkovskaya and other assassinated Russian democrats, journalists fought against the repressive regime, restrictions of the freedom of expression in their country for many years.

Ideas are being discussed together with Russian democrats that some time later, the square could have various artistic landmarks, name benches, birches could be named in memory of Russian people or events significant for democracy and freedom. An open concept of the square is being discussed, which will keep alive during the coming decades.

The active Russian oppositionist B. Nemcov visited Lithuania for a number of times and was among the most active supporters of Lithuanians during the events of the 13th of January and in later stages of our fight for independence