The museum, which will be hardly recognizable after renovation, will come as a big surprise to residents of Vilnius


In a few years, the Museum of Energy and Technology (ETM) will become a new and exciting site of attraction of the capital: after the reconstruction and new construction, a modern and interactive exposition having no analogues in Lithuania will be built here, with an observation deck overlooking the panorama of Vilnius on the roof of the museum, a creative workshop and a cafe. The renovated Museum of Energy and Technology scheduled to open in 2020 plans to be even more interactive and to offer exciting activities for the entire family. The history of energy and technology as well as new educational spaces for creativity and contemporary science will fit under one roof.

Today the Mayor of Vilnius visited the new underground building under construction and said that the modern city must have a high-quality attractive museum of technology.

“A number of various points of attraction promoting science, art and technology has been increasing in Vilnius. I have no doubt that this object of cultural heritage will be included in the map of museums and galleries of contemporary Vilnius, and will be attended not only by families residing in Vilnius, but also guests from the entire Lithuania and our closest neighbours”, – said the Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius.

In the level of its interactivity, the ETM will compete with the well-known international leaders or will even surpass them for exclusivity of its premises.

The new underground exhibition space covering nearly 1 000 square meters is planned to become the main point of attraction in the Museum of Energy and Technology. According to the plans, an interactive exposition will be set up there, allowing to take a look at the energy and transport of the past and the future, as well as the achievements of the father of energy Nikola Tesla.

After the reconstruction, the Museum will invite its visitors to admire the views of the Old Town of Vilnius from the observation deck on the roof. The museum will be equipped with an elevator, which it did not have before, thus it will become accessible to even more visitors: elderly people, people with disabilities or families with babies.

The entrance to the museum will change as well: a new 100 square meter-large glass space will be built with the information booth, a souvenir shop, a cozy cafe and a small reading room set up in it, where not only visitors of the museum, but all residents of the city will be able to spend their free time. An outdoor terrace open to all will be installed between the museum and the hotel being built nearby.

Open-access creative spaces, laboratories and workshops, where educational classes and workshops for visitors of all ages will be hosted, will be set up on the ground floor. Here people will be able to create and learn using the latest 3D technology, photogrammetry, CAD, CAM systems, mechanical equipment and electronics.

One of the most important expositions of the Museum of Energy and Technology are facilities of the old Vilnius Power Plant, which will be presented using the latest technology in the development of museums, in order to provide visitors with information in an even more attractive form.

All museum renovation works will take place in several stages, therefore, from the middle of December, the main entrance to the museum will be moved from the building door facing Rinktinės St. to the door in Žvejų St., and from February to mid-April the museum will be temporarily closed.