Vilnius Light Festival Presents a Map of 27 Installations


This weekend is to mark a three-day long Vilnius’ birthday. On this occasion, the city invites everyone to its first light festival. The festival’s map contains as many as 27 points of attraction developed by artists from 8 different countries of the world. All light, art and sound installations will differ and will be arranged within a big tour around the Old Town and in the very centre of the city. To orientate yourself better and to see all the points created for the festival, the organisers suggest using the map of the festival. Those who will take the 3.7 km route marked on the map will be able to reach every single installation.

It is recommended to start the walk from Vincas Kudirka Square. It will feature a few light installations which will astonish not only by their colours but also by famous musical compositions created by Vincas Kudirka revived. The Cathedral Square will feature the installation Contemporary Gediminas Castle; meanwhile, the Sereikiškės Park and the Bernardine Garden will show magic things happening at dusk – the trees will tell their memories, you will see a forest of strings and even the outcomes of the greenhouse effect.

The organisers will invite everyone to take a pause at the Bernardines Garden and to colour the Monument of Three Crosses using their emotions. The Fluxus Bridge will be illuminated and will wait for visitors next to Vilnius Academy of Arts. Not only will it help everyone get to the other side of the river but it will also take them to some other emotional space. Just the opposite of the Academy, in the premises of the new block of the Academy, one will find a co-existence space.

The Church of St. Anne and the Church of Blessed Virgin Mary of Consolation, namely, their towers, and the Russian Orthodox Holy Mother of God Church will be seen in a new light.

While in the Town Hall Square, the visitors will find themselves in a big laser forest. Windows of the Town Hall will light up with various altering colours – they will reflect the mood of passers-by walking around the city in real time. “Vilnius mood” will be measured by sensors installed in different points of the city which will record emotions, state, forms of expression of happiness of passers-by.

A walk along the street of Vokiečių will take you to exotic places: the façade of Salomėja Nėris gymnasium will feature dancing lights of the biggest tape-recorder. Near the school, a magic carpet from the fairy-tale One Thousand and One Nights will be floating in the air. The Museum of Illusions will be waiting for visitors with a stirrer of lights eliminated by sources of light.

The Church of St. Catherine will surprise everyone with an astonishing and impressive magical resonator; every visitor of the festival will have a chance to colour the wall of the building of the Museum of the Radvilas Palace on Vilnius Street. The junction of Vilnius and Islandijos streets, just at the corner of the streets will view the biggest installation of Vilnius Light Festival – an 18-metres high “Tower”.

Romantic persons will be delighted with a walk along the bank of the river Neris, where a number of blossoms near Green Hall will be waiting for the visitors with  the illuminated swings hidden in the flowers.

Vilnius Light Festival invites everyone to celebrate the 696th birthday of the city and to enjoy the play of lights on 25–27 January, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

More details on Vilnius Light Festival will be available on Facebook page and on the website

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