ROCK project’s emotions installation – in the top ten

The installation developed in the implementation of the ROCK project carried out by the City of Vilnius and VGTU scientists was elected to the top ten in the first Vilnius Light Festival, which took place on 25 – 27 of January.

The emotions stand created by the City of Vilnius in cooperation with the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, which would light up the Monument of Three Crosses in a respective colour depending on the emotion of a person standing in the stand, was one of the objects in the 3.7 km-long route of light installations, which received the most likes in social networks.

Colours changing every three seconds on the Monument of Three Crosses reflect the strongest emotions, states and expressions of happiness of passers-by captured by sensors at different locations in the capital city.

The Monument of Three Crosses would light up in one of the seven colours representing a certain human emotion or physiological state: green meaning happy, blue – sad, yellow – frightened or upset, purple – excited or interested, orange – disgusting or bored, blue – sad, and red – angry.

Vilnius celebrated its 696th birthday full of light and many celebrating people – according to calculations made by organizers of the festival, about 130 000 residents and guests of Vilnius saw the 27 light installations displayed for three consecutive evenings.

Marketing and Communications Department,