Digital Excellence-Oriented Vilnius Invites to Create Innovation Together

Internationally recognised as one of the five top smart locations of the future, the capital city of Lithuania has welcomed representatives of Lithuania’s municipalities to the conference Kurkime inovacijas kartu – #Advocacy (transl. Let’s create innovation together – #Advocacy) today.

Vilnius is a perfect playground for new ideas, technology developers and innovative businesses; for this reason, it is already able to share its best practices in relation to making innovative city governance decisions. Director of Vilnius City Municipality Administration Povilas Poderskis elaborated on technology without technology and the latest strategic direction of the city.

“Trust in advance is the principle of work that yields considerable return. There was little trust before; we had to grow it little by little. As people noticed that innovation was not suppressed (but on the contrary welcomed), they started unfolding and offering their ideas.  Innovation does not emerge out of nowhere. Innovation is developed and implemented by people. At present, we have set a strategic direction Vilnius 2IN. Digitalisation of the city will take place within its framework, but it will be technology without technology. It is very important to make sure that innovation does not impose any burden on people but help them instead. We have set strategic actions and ideas, namely, three indices of happiness, travelling and life expectancy,” Poderskis said.

One of the most interesting projects ROCK, which is jointly carried out by Vilnius city and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, was also presented to representatives of Lithuania’s municipalities. For more than a year, as part of the project, an experiment has been conducted with the help of sensors:  physiological parameters of Vilnius city dwellers have been recorded and index of happiness of Vilnius city dwellers has been measured. In addition, a neuro-analytical system is being developed in the framework of this project. This system might be one of the most innovative tools for planning public spaces of the city in the future.

The conference Kurkime inovacijas kartu – #Advocacy mostly focused on innovative solutions integrated in the existing services and on the improvement of quality of work. Representatives of human resources, customer service and other administrative units presented various innovations used in their areas of work: service provision, customer service, etc. Projects such Senjorų avilys (Hive for Senior Citizens) or Naktinis avilys (Nocturnal Hive) were presented.

The new strategic direction Vilnius 2IN has generated a particular interest. Eglė Radvilė, Advisor of the Administration for Innovation, and  Agnė Svipė, chief specialist of internal communication, presented the main vision of the new strategy, its main directions and emphasised that technology must be not only innovative but also accessible and simple since it is designed for everyone, not only for IT specialists.

Relevant issues of the municipality staff, new traditions being developed so as to increase employees’ motivation, improvement of the working conditions were presented by the Chief Advisor or the Administration for Personnel Lina Koriznienė who has worked in the municipality for 15 years. Lina expressed her delight that her workplace had always provided her with the opportunity to develop and grow her competence.

Participants of the conference were highly interested in the speech “How to Sell Your City”. The presentation listed the most successful advertisements of Vilnius and presented both good and bad examples. The speech was given by Karolis Žemaitis, Head of Business Division of Go Vilnius. He encouraged everyone not to be shy, to boast even of very simple things and in no way be modest as well as find the balance suitable for your city.