ROCK project news: residents of Vilnius were able to have their happiness index measured


The ROCK project, which is being implemented jointly by the City of Vilnius and the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, has been taking on increasingly more forms – attempts to capture the index of happiness of Vilnius residents with the help of sensor-recorded data have already been made. Members of the Council elected for the new term of office were among the first ones to have their combined index of happiness measured.

Since now on, representatives of ROCK working team will have one more direction of project activities: the VILNIUS 2IN project implemented by the City of Vilnius is joining ROCK and creating a programme together, which will measure the index of happiness of Vilnius residents. A digital programme for calculating the happiness index of Vilnius residents is already being developed. The first attempts were successful – the average expression of happiness at 6 locations of the city is now calculated in real time every three seconds, also making it possible to see the average expression of happiness at 6 locations of the city of the last year, month, day and hour (in the circadian rhythm).

The attitude of the City of Vilnius to the latest technologies has contributed a lot to the fact that the capital of Lithuania was ranked abroad among the top five smart locations of the future. According to the Director of the City Administration Povilas Poderskis, one of the initiators of the new strategic direction VILNIUS 2IN, Vilnius is a great playground for new ideas, initiatives, technology developers and innovative businesses, so it can already share good practice in adopting innovative city management solutions.

The happiness index in real time is available online at