Emotions of Vilnius City Dwellers to Shine in Lukiškės Square on 6 July During the Kingdom of Freedom Celebration


The project ROCK developed by Vilnius city municipality and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) has drawn increasing attention from Vilnius city dwellers and project participants and has gained new forms. On 6 July, when the Day of Statehood will be celebrated during the feast “The Kingdom of Freedom” (Laisvės Karalystė), Vilnius city dwellers and city guests will be invited to colour their emotions on the windows of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and raise the index of happiness in Vilnius to 100! Soon analogous sensors, which measure emotions and physiological state, will be installed in other European cities as well.

The leader of innovative solutions among the Lithuanian municipalities, namely, Vilnius city municipality, continues its one of the most unique projects co-developed with the VGTU. The project was first introduced to Vilnius city dwellers during Vilnius Lights’ Festival in January, and this Saturday the project will invite everyone to measure their mood and emotions at a special stand where they will be able to colour what they feel.

“We are delighted with every opportunity to show the dwellers what moods and emotions prevail in our city. It is also important to note that the project has gained an increasing number of possibilities and directions of its use, and the products we have developed have been taken over by other countries”, Vilnius city mayor advisor Dalia Bardauskienė noted.

The neuro-analytical system and colour stand developed by the Vilnius ROCK project working team can be also seen in other countries which participate in this programme – as soon as this summer an analogous stand will be installed in MAMbo, Bologna Modern Art Museum (Italy), and later in other museums of the city. Representatives from Lisbon (Portugal) also have plans to install sensors which measure anonymised emotions and physiological state – this year the first sensor will be installed in the library of Marvila where it will measure emotions of the local residents and tourists before and after their visit.

Everyone, who will come to the Lukiškės Square this Saturday, will be able to measure their mood and will have an opportunity to find out what mood prevails in the capital city in real time. Sensors and special lamps in six locations of the city will record the strongest emotions of passers-by which will then be reflected in the stand of the festival every three seconds. At times, when there will be no people, the stand will show the happiness index of Vilnius city dwellers.

The project implementors believe that anonymised information collected by the sensors of the neuro-analytical system could help not only city planning specialists in the future but it could also be used by business representatives who create customised services, for example, how to breathe new life to certain places of the Old Town or what groups of people and at what time could be offered one or another service.

The neuro-analytical system developed by Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in cooperation with Vilnius city municipality is intended for collection and analysis of data on residents’s emotions in public spaces; some additional details and combinations of information layers can also be incorporated. Such information will later be used for drawing emotional and physiological as well as pollution maps with regard to public spaces, and individual recommendations will be put forward.