Vilnius Is to Have an Aircraft Observation Area Next to Vilnius Airport at the End of this Year


As soon as this year, a plane spotting area is to emerge next to the territory of Vilnius Airport which is to be designed for the public. A construction contract has been signed with Ginstata company which is to complete the works in the land plot of the airport by the middle of October and will install an exclusive object here.

“The number of aircraft lovers is growing not only globally but in Lithuania as well, which means that the need to have such a place where planes taking off and landing could be observed conveniently has also been growing. The emergence of this area will be not only a symbolic event and a long-awaited gift to the city dwellers but will also be a contribution to the existence of the aircraft community,” Dainius Čiuplys, Head of Vilnius Airport, said.

An elevated observation area in a comfortable location which is to be adapted for people with disabilities is planned to be installed not far from the Salininkai Garden-plots which are found immediately behind the fence of Vilnius Airport. The access will be available for everyone. The location for the area was chosen taking into consideration both technical capacity and the best view available for its visitors − airplanes take off and land continuously not far from this place, for this reason, the runway is perfectly visible.

Next to the plane spotting area, Vilnius city municipality is to install a children’s playground.

“Initiatives are always welcome and promoted in Vilnius. We are delighted that Vilnius Airport will take not only aircraft into the sky but also the dreams of aircraft lovers. For this reason, Vilnius city municipality decided to contribute to the initiative by installing a children’s playground in a new object of attraction of city dwellers, namely, in the prospective plane spotting area,” Vytautas Mitalas, Vilnius city municipality vice-mayor, said.

The points of access to the aircraft observation area will be included in the aircraft security system and will be continuously monitored for the safety of the visitors; meanwhile, the order in the territory will be maintained by regularly patrolling security officers.

The English term “plane spotting” means the pleasure/hobby of observing airplanes taking off and landing in the airport or manoeuvring on land. This activity, which has become a globally wide-spread phenomenon, is liked not only by those who crave for exclusive views but also by ordinary people who do not have any particular interest in aircraft as well as by professional aviation enthusiasts and photographers. The latter may spend long hours in a plane spotting area trying to record interesting and exclusive moments and to share them with their counterparts or simply exchange information with them later.