New installation “Family” will be built on Žaliasis (the Green) Bridge next week


Next week, a new installation called Family, inviting to stop and give a thought about family relationship with the city, will be built on one of the pedestals of the Green Bridge. The work by Donatas Norušis will be displayed on the Green Bridge until mid-March of the next year. This installation will replace the four weather vanes – the artistic installation “The Activator of Kindness of Megareality” – which have stood here since April of this year. Both the weather vanes and the new installation are temporary works created by artists, who have won a competition announced by the municipality.

The author of the installation Donatas Norušis chose the family theme as a way of talking about a social unit and a space where the expression of human values ​​is one of the strongest. The author analyses family relationship with the city by providing a definition of the word “family”, which has distinctive strong traditions.

“The work of art was made of iron, concrete, plastic and wood. These materials were chosen in order to replicate the urban environment that surrounds us. The human image between these elements creates narratives that are different depending on how each person looks at the piece and what he experiences. I am inviting people to reflect on a situation where absolutely different experiences of the same environment may exist in a relatively small area, which may only be separated by a railway line, a staircase or another part of infrastructure”, the author told about his installation “Family”.

The installation to be built on one of the pedestals on the left side of the Neris embankment will also have solar panels, which, along with other artefacts, will symbolize the urban environment and its impact on a family, both physiologically and philosophically. The height of the installation will be up to 3 meters; it will collect electricity from built-in solar panels, which will be attached to the concrete base together with all the elements; if necessary, some of the energy needed to illuminate the installation in winter will be received from the city.

“The process of perceiving the installation will depend on each person individually. I tried to make my position clear, at the same time leaving some unknowns in the piece, which would allow observers to look for their own points of contact”, D. Norušis explained.

In 2019, the city allocated more than EUR 28 000 for temporary installations to be built on the Green Bridge.

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