Vilnius: Lion Workshop on Light report

Vilnius working group returned from three day ROCK Project General Assembly in Lyon full of good emotions. In addition to well evaluated results and new knowledge the working group once again made sure it was on the right track – measuring sensors are moving into other cities.

First day of the conference was dedicated to Lyon city lighting condition, interface with ROCK project and city lighting strategy, future plans and challenges. Conference provided an opportunity for other cities to present their lighting plans. Vilnius city representative Rūta Matonienė had presented main city lighting projects.

An important meeting with LUCI, the international network of cities on urban lighting also took place in Lyon. Opportunities of Vilnius to join LUCI international network and potential Vilnius benefits was discussed during this meeting.

Vilnius working group was acknowledged for activity in EUROCITIES organisation. Capital representatives presented our best practice examples – TECH PARK“ and „ARCH PARK“. It is also worth to mention that Vilnius organised visit of Lithuania representative from MOSTA visit to Europe cities and regions event in Brussels.

Vilnius municipality in partnership with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University have been implementing an unique project, during which Neuroanalytics system for data collection and analysis of emotions of city residents was developed. Collected data combined with other information layers will be used to create emotion, physiological and pollution maps of public spaces, as well to provide personalised recommendations.