ROCK project tool will become one of the key quality indicators of the city

With the help of professional consultants, the City of Vilnius has developed a strategic direction of the city – the goal of Vilnius for the upcoming ten years. The strategic direction of the capital city for 2030 is to become a smooth city by combining vigour and sustainability. Three criteria have been selected to measure the goal, namely, life expectancy, travel time and the happiness index of residents of the city developed within the limits of the Rock project, which is currently being improved.

According to the Mayor or Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius, the city needs a simple, clear ambition and a commitment to the kind of Vilnius we want to build.

“We like to emphasize that we are between East and West, but we cannot be a crossroads between these two different directions only, because crossroads is solely a passing, while Vilnius has to strive to be a centre, a meeting place. We are a young and growing city, so we want and must be vigorous, but on the other hand, sustainability of the city guarantees stability and a comfortable life. After a long search, we found a direction that would combine these two rather different features – Vilnius must become a smoothly functioning city”, said the Mayor of Vilnius.

The implementation of this strategic direction will be pursued in the seven areas of urban life distinguished by the City of Vilnius: environment and urban development, social protection, mobility, culture, security and safety, health and wellness, and education.

The city’s DNR, things encoded in the identity of Vilnius, namely, history, environment and progress, was uses as the starting point for the development of the strategic direction of the city. In addition, three engines that push the city forward were distinguished, and they are speed, openness and intelligence.

The implementers of the Rock project have no doubt that the data collected using sensors installed in the city will be one of the most important tools for assessing projects of renovation of public spaces and the quality of services provided by municipal companies or contractors at beaches in the future.

The strongest emotions of passers-by captured by sensors and special lamps installed in six locations of the capital city are assessed and presented as cumulative expression of happiness of Vilnius residents, and will become one of the most important indicators of quality of life of Vilnius residents in the future. Monitoring the happiness index of Vilnius residents in real time is already possible on the specially created website If there are no people in the area being measured at the time, numeric readings do not change.

Currently, the City of Vilnius is presenting the strategic direction of the city to all important target audiences, and the implementation of the direction in all areas of urban life is planned in the nearest future.