ROCK interests the best universities

More than 50 representatives from best universities from almost 10 countries visited Vilnius Municipality at 13th to 14th of November. Topics of climate change, best city development plans and ROCK project sensor system and applications were covered during this visit.

Chief City Architect Mindaugas Pakalnis presented best practices and experiences of development of city public spaces, as well 2030 city plan to representatives of best UK, Italy, Russia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka universities. Ruta Matoniene, Vilnius municipality Senior Advisor and ROCK project working group member presented ROCK project, sensor system and citizens happiness index, which currently became one of the main indicator of vision of the best city.

The neuro-analytical system and the colour stand developed by the ROCK project working group of the City of Vilnius and VGTU did not go unnoticed by other countries participating in the programme – a similar stand was installed last summer in Mambo, Bologna (Italy), and will later be installed in other museums of the city. Lisbon (Portugal) is also willing to have sensors that measure anonymous emotions, affective and physiological states – the first sensor is already installed at the Marvila Library. Also, three sensors are installed in Skopje (Macedonia).

The neuro-analytical system created by VGTU and the City of Vilnius is designated for collecting and analysing anonymised emotions of residents, their affective and physiological states in public spaces by including additional data and combinations of layers of information, which will subsequently be used to create emotional, affective, physiological and pollution maps of public spaces (in light of the circadian rhythms of the day and the week, gender and age of people) and to provide personalised recommendations.

The index of happiness of residents of Vilnius is displayed online in real time at: