Foreigners declaring a place of residence during quarantine

Foreigners living in Vilnius or those who have recently arrived to the city can declare their place of residence only when applying for a residence permit at the Migration Department during quarantine. Foreigners who already have residence permits but would like to declare a new place of residence are urged to wait until the end of the quarantine to do so.

What should a foreigner who wishes to declare a place of residence in Vilnius do during quarantine?

 For those declaring a place of residence in Vilnius for the first time

Place of residence declarations are submitted to the Migration Department when a residence permit has been issued.

During quarantine (16-30 March), the Migration Department will only accept clients who have registered in advance on the website. Migration Department appointments can be made here.

If it is impossible to make an appointment at the nearest migration office, clients should register at the next-closest office. Issued documents can be picked up during a previously booked visit or, if there is no possibility to book a visit, only after receiving a phone call from the Migration Department and an appointment date and time have been confirmed.

Those with flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, heavy breathing etc. are urged not to go to the migration office. Please note that, for the sake of safety, Migration Department staff members who notice people exhibiting flu-like symptoms may refuse to serve them and suggest that the visit be postponed.

Migration Department staff will ensure proper hygiene, ventilation, and disinfection of the premises. Moreover, both customers and employees will be provided with protective disinfectants.

To change your declared place of residence in Lithuania or to re-declare it after the declaration deadline (for those who have a residence permit in Lithuania)

Declaring a place of residence is postponed until the end of the quarantine. Because of the current situation it will be taken into account that the person was not able to declare their place of residence and it will not be considered an offense.

Thank you for your understanding.