Vilnius invites businesses to help provide hospitals with essential protective equipment


Every company can make a significant contribution to the fight against the pandemic in Vilnius. The biggest task at the moment is to provide hospitals in the city with the inventory and personal protective equipment needed to combat the COVID-19 virus. Most recently, a search for manufacturers and suppliers of such equipment has been taking place.

To make this process more efficient and provide medical professionals with the protective equipment they need as quickly as possible, the city is appealing to businesses to contribute to this mission.

The most effective support that businesses can provide is funding for and assistance in the purchasing of the items listed below.

The database of vendors with the necessary supplies has already been established, so companies would not have to search for it themselves. Their involvement would require buying a specific amount of equipment from the suppliers in our database. Of course, if they have specific supplier contacts and can order supplies from them, the city would also be grateful for that kind of support. If this is the case, it is important to note that only the equipment that meets certain specifications provided by medical professionals is appropriate for ensuring the safety of doctors.

Priority will be given to the following protective measures and equipment that medical professionals urgently require:

  • Respirators – FFP2, FFP3
  • Reagents – rapid tests
  • Reagents – tests
  • Lung ventilation apparatus

Other protective medical equipment is also urgently needed:

  • Boots
  • Safety glasses, face shields
  • Disinfectants for surfaces, hands and floors (ASPI only)
  • Non-sterile gloves
  • Face masks (disposable)
  • Disposable caps, overalls and medical gowns

Each company that can provide assistance is invited to contact us immediately by email at

Working together, we can help protect our medical professionals and thus protect ourselves.