Cinema has returned to Vilnius: the launch of the first drive-in cinema


In the evening of 17 April, the first drive-in cinema in the country invited to its opening in Vilnius. Moviegoers will be able to safely enjoy good cinema on the big screen till the very end of the summer at the “Žmonės Drive-in Cinema” set up at the parking lot of the exhibition and congress centre Litexpo.

“We are delighted to see that a drive-in cinema has gained such popularity in the society. We thank the authorities, who allowed this cinema to be launched, having made sure that it is a safe entertainment. Screenings sold out instantly, which reaffirmed the fact that we live in a cultural vacuum, which a drive-in cinema can perfectly fill up,” says Tomas Balžekas, the initiator of the “ŽMONĖS Cinema Drive-in”.

“We cannot go to movie theatres today, but no one said that we cannot drive to them. This evening is very unique and special – this is the first time we are watching a movie from our cars in this place. Let’s enjoy a wonderfully and meaningful Friday”, said Dovilė Filmanavičiūtė, the creator and a passionate cinema fan, who sent her greetings and best wishes to the drive-in cinema audience from the screen.

The “ŽMONĖS Cinema Drive-in” welcomed the audience with movies that they have already fallen in love with. One of them was the Lithuanian romantic comedy “Tobulas pasimatymas” (English: the Perfect Date), where the character played by Jurgita Jurkutė gets lost in the labyrinths of online love. And another one was the movie by Guy Ritchie “Džentelmenai” (English: the Gentlemen), where Hollywood stars get entangled in a confusing criminal story.

“Tonight we are watching movies from our cars all together. Let’s observe the safety requirements set by the event organizers,” said the journalist Edmundas Jakilaitis, welcoming the audience of the first drive-in cinema in Lithuania.

To ensure the safety of the “ŽMONĖS Cinema Drive-in” audience, organizers asked participants to carefully read the rules of the event, reminding that getting out of cars or opening windows shall be strictly prohibited. The event is not recommended for people with symptoms of acute respiratory infection and people in risk groups. Viewers are also asked to observe personal hygiene: disinfect their hands and cough or sneeze into a bent elbow.

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