The decision proved to be right – scopes of contractor works increased in the city by half



The number of permits issued in a week for excavation, network construction and other works to be performed in streets of the capital emptied by the quarantine increased by up to 55%, and for the works that interfere with car traffic – by up to 30%. Quarantine has also created opportunities – traffic, which is now much less intense in the city, allows conducting works related to road maintenance, repairs and street construction, much faster.

Having thought out a few steps forward, the City Council made an important decision a week ago – to exempt companies engaged in road maintenance, also network construction companies and territory developers from local tolls during quarantine and 15 days after its end, thus encouraging contractors to conduct as many works of excavation and other construction works that disturb pedestrian and car traffic as possible right now, causing least interference with the rhythm of the city. The results exceeded expectations, and people having returned to the city after quarantine will experience much less disruption.

“Quarantine has many downsides, but also offers some positive aspects, which we must take advantage of for the benefit of Vilnius and its residents. I see that our contractors actively responded to our invitation – excellent teamwork, which will benefit us all”, says the Mayor Remigijus Šimašius.

82 permits for excavation works and fencing of work sites were issued in a week, although earlier there used to be up to 50 applications for such works; the number of applications for traffic restrictions or closures also increased 3 times having issued 30 more permits per week.

Companies, whose excavation works would restrict traffic, temporarily dismantle pavements or narrow down the carriageway of streets, will be exempted from the local toll. Companies have to pay this toll on street works which require traffic restrictions or closing streets. Companies, which will start working earlier than planned, will be subject to simplified fencing, excavation conditions, allowed to work without a time limit of 24 hours per day, and will also be exempted from the payment of the local toll during quarantine and 15 days after it ends. Moreover, all permits will be approved in a simplified manner remotely.