As many as 80 crossings Vilnius are being equipped with safe directional lighting 


As many as 80 pedestrian crossings in Vilnius will become safer because of new directional lighting: modern LED lights will allow drivers to see pedestrians intending to cross the road during the hours of darkness better, which will reduce the risk of accidents. Municipality company “Vilniaus apšvietimas” will allocate more than EUR 330,000 for this purpose.

“The safety of pedestrians remains a top priority. We are replacing streetlights with LED lights throughout the city, and we must devote particular attention to pedestrian crossings, so directional lighting was chosen. I have no doubt that, in conjunction with other measures, this will further increase the safety of pedestrians,” says Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius.

Directional lighting will be installed by taking pedestrian flows, road accident rates, and requests submitted by residents into consideration.

The new crossing lights are installed at a height of 6 to 6.5 metres above the road surface; they have special optics that focus the stream of light on a narrow section that in practice matches the width of the crossing, thereby exposing the dangerous area of the road and making the pedestrians more visible.

“We use modern LED lights to install new lighting or upgrade it, thus reducing electricity consumption and environmental pollution, improving the appearance of the city, and providing additional safety for drivers and pedestrians,” says Sigitas Mocevičius, director of UAB “Vilniaus apšvietimas”.

It is planned that this year around 16,000 new cost-effective LED lights will be installed on the streets of the capital.

Last year, 83 pedestrian crossings were illuminated by directional lighting and 130 directional lights were installed in Vilnius. More than EUR 363,000 were allocated to the installation of directional pedestrian crossings. Directional lighting of pedestrian crossings was installed on the following streets: Metalo, Vilniaus, Mechanikų, V. A. Graičiūno, Parko, Santariškių, Šeškinės, Ozo, Ukmergės, J. Baltrušaičio, Smalinės, D. Gerbutavičiaus, Žaliųjų ežerų, Subačiaus, Lvovo, and other streets in Vilnius.