As many as 9,200 pupils have already registered at Vilnius schools

E-registration at Vilnius schools for the new school year is in progress, with as many as 9,200 pupils’ applications registered online so far.

Filing an application is simple and convenient: applicants merely need to register at via online banking or other electronic means of identification.

Applications should be submitted electronically by the parents of future first-grade pupils who are switching schools, transferring from progymnasiums to gymnasiums, or have moved to the capital. Pupils who are moving to a higher-level study program — to the fifth, the ninth (the first gymnasium year) or the third gymnasium year in the same school — should submit a free-form application to the school principal.

In the application, it is possible to choose three educational establishments, but it is important to take a number of details into account: one of the three selected schools must belong to the declared residence area. In addition, we recommend arranging the three schools by priority, starting with the most desired school.

Registration for educational institutions in Vilnius with competition-based admission ended on 31 March 2020, while registration for schools carrying out specialised education (engineering) programs or implementing special educational system elements ended on 17 April 2020. It is still possible to file electronic applications to register at all other schools until 31 May 2020.

Considering the situation in the country, admission examinations and tests to measure motivation to learn in educational establishments where admission is competition-based, specialised education (engineering) programs or special educational system elements are implemented will not take place during this school year. Admission to these educational institutions will be based on academic achievements and other priority criteria; more information about the updated admission procedures is available at, in the “Relevant Information” section. Information on examinations or tests to measure motivation to learn is also published on the websites of educational institutions.

First-grade pupils applying for available positions in educational establishments implementing specialised education (engineering) programs or special educational system elements must submit descriptions of pre-school education completion to these establishments.

Parents will be informed about admission by e-mail, they will see admission results in the electronic applications registration system, and lists of admitted pupils will be published on the websites of educational institutions. Parents must sign agreements with schools by 31 August 2020.

More information: tel. 1664 or [email protected]