Sports grounds in Vilnius are being renovated


Twelve sports grounds and stadiums located next to educational institutions will be renovated in the capital by autumn. Over the last few weeks, municipality contractors have been working intensively to make renovated sports grounds available as soon as this summer, and for pupils to start using them after the start of the new school year.

“The quarantine has severely restricted life throughout Lithuania, but at the same time it facilitated the fulfilment of some tasks. The renovation of educational institutions’ sports grounds is in full swing. We want to renovate some of the facilities before the beginning of summer and to finish the rest by the beginning of the new school year. I hope that gradually, after the end of the quarantine, both residents and pupils will be able to exercise in high-quality sports grounds,” said Deputy Mayor Valdas Benkunskas.

The grounds reconstruction works are carried out according to the highest quality standards. At most stadiums, natural grass is replaced with artificial turf, which requires less maintenance and is more durable. Synthetic surfaces are applied to running tracks as well as to basketball and volleyball courts; area lighting is installed.

The work should be completed by the beginning of summer in the sports grounds and stadiums of J. Lelewel’s Engineering Gymnasium, P. Vileišis’ Progymnasium, Ąžuolyno Progymnasium, and Taikos Progymnasium.

By the end of September, the sports grounds of M. Mažvydas’ Progymnasium, Sausio 13-osios Progymnasium, L. Karsavin’s School, A. Kulvietis’ Classical Gymnasium, S. Stanevičius’ Progymnasium, Ž. Augustas’ Progymnasium, Trakų Vokė Gymnasium, and Laisvės Gymnasium should be added to this list.