Answers in writing and in other foreign languages – for a smoother service of residents of Vilnius


Ensuring even smoother and more accessible services to all residents of Vilnius, the City of Vilnius is introducing a significant innovation to its customers – from now on, everyone will be able to receive a written answer in the language in which they applied. This innovation was planned earlier, but it became especially relevant when working remotely.

“No matter how banal the saying that the customer is always right may sound, it is very correct, and we must follow it to make customer service convenient for everyone – no matter if they have been living in Vilnius for many years, or have recently moved to the city or have come from abroad, everyone must be served in a form that is convenient to them and in a language that they know best,” said Povilas Poderskis, Director of the Vilnius City Administration.

It has been a few years now that the City of Vilnius serves its customers live in four languages ​​- Lithuanian, English, Russian and Polish, also using sign language consultants. The website of the City is also available in four languages ​​, and from now on correspondence will be available in any foreign language.

“These changes are especially important for residents of a multicultural city. So far, solely written applications and complaints in the official Lithuanian language were examined. However, there are many representatives of national minorities and foreigners, who have chosen the capital as their place of residence and work, living in Vilnius. By accepting and examining letters in other languages ​​we prove that Vilnius is open and free, and assume an international commitment,” says Evelina Dobrovolska, a member of the Vilnius City Council, who initiated this innovation.

This decision will allow any Vilnius resident, who has applied to the City in writing, to submit questions and applications in their native language and to receive answers both in the official language and a translation of the answer or decision to their native language.