The monument of the Three Crosses of the capital was illuminated in the colours of the Spanish flag

Tonight, the monument of the Three Crosses was illuminated in the colours of the Spanish flag – red and yellow. This is how Vilnius shows its support for the Spanish people, who are continuing one of the most difficult fights with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in the European Union – the pandemic, which has already claimed tens of thousands of lives in Spain. Just a few months ago, a similar campaign was held in Vilnius in support of the Italians.

“While the world is gradually opening up and freeing itself from the lockdown, unity and support for each other in the face of the ongoing fight against coronavirus still remains important. Therefore, we want to tell the Spanish people that there are no borders for joining efforts and uniting – we, residents of Vilnius, are thinking about you here, thousands of kilometres away, and tonight we are sending a signal of support to your friendly country, a large community of compatriots of which lives here in Vilnius,” – said Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of Vilnius.

Spain is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, with more than 228 000 cases and almost 27 000 deaths from COVID-19. Just like in other countries, the coronavirus has claimed many victims among seniors.

Lithuania donated medical equipment to Spain for combating COVID-19 infection in the beginning of April, thus also expressing its support for the country in the face of the difficult situation. Other European countries have also shown solidarity with Spain sending medical equipment and illuminating buildings or certain landmarks of their cities in the colors of the Spanish flag.