Vilnius offers memorial benches, decorating the first one with a memorial plaque to people suffering from multiple sclerosis


Vilnius has offered a possibility to buy special memorial benches in the city, which can be a great graduation gift from a class, a surprise for a married couple, a gratitude or a commemoration of a noble mission, which the Lithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Union (LMSU) did today. The first bench with a memorial plaque reading “Not everyone finds it easy to stand up. But yet it is possible. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that can be stopped” was built in Gedimino Avenue. EUR 500 donated for the memorial bench will be used for non-formal education of children growing up in families at social risk.

“We want to sincerely thank the organization for having donated 500 euro. The money will be used for extracurricular activities of children growing up in families at social risk. We understand that during quarantine vulnerable groups need such assistance more than ever. Therefore, I also invite other people, organizations and businesses to take the good example, to buy a memorial bench and to extend a helping hand to children growing up in Vilnius,” says Vincas Jurgutis, the initiator of the idea and a member of Vilnius City Council.

According to the Head of LMSU Aldona Droseikienė, we decided to share support, at the same time spreading a message about multiple sclerosis, a disease, which people still do not know much about, and which also affects young people. The memorial bench will be like a new meeting place for them. The plaque will make it easier for people to find the union bring them together, which works with qualified medical, social and psychological assistance specialists.

“Let’s meet and sit down on the bench in Gediminas Avenue this week. Joint initiatives will allow us to control the disease and make friends with it. Nothing heals better than a good buddy nearby. This is another great opportunity to receive support and to get to know new like-minded people – so let’s take advantage of this opportunity,” A. Droseikienė, Head of the LMSU said invitingly.

The procedure approved by members of the City Council allows decorating benches in the city with a plaque bearing a wording of your choice having paid a set fee and thus becoming a sort of a patron of the bench. Memorial plaques shall be affixed to benches in Vingis Park, Gedimino Avenue, Bernardinai Garden, Neris embankment, etc.

Residents of Vilnius are expected to have enough fantasy and ideas on what they want to write on memorial plaques, and there will be enough benches for everyone. Having paid EUR 500-1000 will allow buying a bench for a year, EUR 1 000 – 5.000 – for ten years, and the municipality undertakes to reserve a bench for up to 50 years for a donation of EUR 5 000 euros or more. The City will use the funds raised from the idea of memorial benches for a very noble purpose.

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