Distribution of iodine tables has been extended in the capital till 17 December

Distribution of iodine tables has been extended in the capital till 17 December

Preventive distribution of free iodine tablets in pharmacies in Vilnius started at the end of October, and about 45% out of the total 2 155 022 tablets reserved for the capital have been distributed so far, while the City of Vilnius worked out a deal in cooperation with the Centre of Registers and the Ministry of Health for those, who have not yet picked up the tablets during the month, extending electronic prescriptions for another month. There are more than 220 000 Vilnius residents who have not yet claimed iodine tablets from pharmacies.

“Today we are appealing to about 220 000 residents of Vilnius – better safe than sorry. So, we invite all of you to hurry and pick up free iodine tablets from pharmacies till 17 December. This way you will help to save time of health and other institutions and pharmacists, which they could devote to fighting the pandemic. Pharmacies are close to home, so it is convenient and safe to reach them, and to consult specialists about the use of the medicines if you have any questions in this regard,” said Viktorija Turauskytė, Head of Health Care Department at the City of Vilnius.

Tablets have been distributed to Vilnius residents who have declared their place of residence in Vilnius at the order of the Ministry of Health as a preventive measure after the commissioning of the Belarusian Astravets Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) near Lithuania for protection against possible accidents. Potassium iodide tablets should only be taken in the event of a nuclear accident and only when recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Iodine tables are issued having presented a proof of identity at the pharmacy. Potassium iodide tablets can be claimed in one of the five major pharmacy chains: Camelia, Eurovaistinė, Gintarinė Vaistinė, Norfos Vaistinė and Benu Vaistinė. The complete list of pharmacies that distribute iodine tablets free of charge is available at: jodas.vilnius.lt. Information leaflets are distributed along with tablets, with instructions for use in Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and English, indicating when and how the tablets should be taken.

Residents of Vilnius, who declared their place of residence in October, will also soon be able to pick up free iodine tablets. Centro Poliklinika will ensure that electronic prescriptions are issued to them these days. Residents can check if a prescription has already been issued online at www.esveikata.lt

For more detailed information, visit jodas.vilnius.lt