A surreal Christmas tree has been lit up in Vilnius Cathedral Square


The main Christmas tree of the country has just been lit up in Vilnius Cathedral Square. This year, the Christmas tree is like a surreal painting, the transformations of which are appealing and telling a unique Christmas story, revealing the surprise hidden inside. If you look closely, you will see that by connecting the square parts playfully separated from the central part of the Christmas tree, another figure of the Christmas tree in the diameter of 12 m can be seen.

I have been carrying the idea of this Christmas tree for several years, it was just waiting for the right time to unfold and be presented. Marked with significant transformations in various fields, this year is somewhat reminiscent of the surrealism that emerged a hundred years ago. Unconsciously, it influenced the creative processes and awakened the desire to change the shape of the Christmas tree in the capital and to create an unpredictable, modern and at the same time authentic installation of the Christmas tree. This year’s Christmas tree is different from its predecessors as it has transformed and “has gone” beyond its limits. The concept of the Christmas tree reflects the progress of modern technologies, changes in the society, human differences, movement, urban life and development, highlights Vilnius as a modern and dynamic city,” said Dominykas Koncevičius, the representative of “Švenčių studija” and the author of the Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree in the Cathedral Square is a modern colourful composition of 26 m in width and 24 m in height. The installation of metal structures is surrounded by as many as 6,000 naturally fragrant spruce branches, which are decorated with almost 4 km of dynamically colour-changing RGB garlands, 800 pcs. of silver toys and 150 square meters of shining mirrors.

For almost half a year, a team of 25 specialists from different fields was looking for technical solutions for this unusual Christmas tree and preparing for its production. The installation of the Christmas tree, which was taken care of by 10 people, took about 2 weeks.

Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of Vilnius, who lit up the Vilnius Christmas tree, greeted the residents of Vilnius and the guests of the city.

“It’s the perfect timing for a surreal Christmas tree, because when reality becomes too prickly and complicated, salvation lies in the creativity and imagination of us all. Let’s celebrate this Christmas by dedicating it to discovery and cognition. When you can’t make an appointment in the city, make an appointment with the city!” said the Mayor.

Vilnius Christmas tree is surprising not only on the outside but also on the inside. The layout of the Christmas tree structures opens up several mirrored spaces, and a surprise awaits inside the installation, which is the complete opposite of the external image. Here you will find a classic Christmas tree decorated with antique decorations, which create a cosy atmosphere of Christmas at home. As if traveling in time, it moves back to the last century, reminiscent of old traditions.

This year, coffee producer Paulig is contributing to the lighting of the Christmas tree in the capital together with the renewable energy company Green Genius, which has been implementing a sustainable energy initiative in Lithuania for four years: coffee grounds collected from the capital’s major business and shopping centres are processed into environmentally friendly electricity in a biogas plant. Lighting up of the capital’s Christmas tree will need more than 21 tons or more than 2.1 million coffee cup grounds during the entire festive period, which will be turned into sustainable electricity.

The Christmas tree will be surprising others and creating a festive mood until the 7th of January. The second Christmas tree will be lit up on the 5th of December in the City Hall Square.

Although there is no traditional Christmas town surrounding the Christmas tree in the Cathedral Square this year, the organizers of “Christmas in the Capital” invite to choose gifts from the many goodies offered at the virtual Christmas fair – E-Christmas Town, which will be waiting for visitors from the 1st of December at www.kaledossostineje.lt.

Vilnius residents and guests who arrive to admire the Christmas tree are invited to act responsibly as in all public spaces, i.e. not to gather, wear face masks and keep a safe distance of at least 2 meters from each other.

Vilnius invites you to protect yourself and others, to welcome the holidays optimistically and cosy closer to home!

Marketing and Communications Division, vrt@vilnius.lt