A new idea for couples getting married in Vilnius: open spaces of the city will be offered for ceremonies

This summer, Vilnius welcomes fiancés offering an exceptional new idea – couples will be offered to get married in the Bernardine Garden, later offering other places of the city for marriage ceremonies.

Usually, young people searching for an alternative to the Wedding Palace choose Vilnius City Hall, Botanical Garden, Verkiai Palace, museums, also courtyards, terraces and halls of hotels and restaurants for their ceremony. Seeing the wish of couples to get married in open spaces, it was decided to offer several green spaces in Vilnius for marriage ceremonies.

“When referring to us for registering their marriage, couples often ask what places we can offer for the marriage registration ceremony. Now, in addition to the places that fiancés have been choosing for their ceremony so far, we will also be able to offer open spaces,” Jolanta Kuzmienė, Head of the Civil Registry Office of the City of Vilnius presented the new opportunity for those who are getting married in Vilnius.

She revealed that currently the City of Vilnius is preparing a place for marriage ceremonies in the Bernardine Garden (outgoing ceremony), also offering a possibility to register marriage in an open space in the square next to the Wedding Palace. Surrounded by greenery, couples will be able to swear eternal love to each other under the open sky. The place for documents and official attributes will be prepared in advance. All that the couples will have to worry about is their good mood and musical background or other surprises, if they wish to have them.

Kuzmienė also revealed that the interior of the Wedding Palace was renewed. Moreover, for marriage registration ceremony to meet expectations of fiancés and to become a ceremony of their dreams, a memo has been prepared for couples, offering ideas that will make the ceremony more personal and touching.

“Happiness lies in details! Therefore, we recommend that the father of the bride or another close person accompanies her to the groom. Also, couples speaking vows to each other (we have prepared several texts for that) is a nice tradition. The ceremonial hall can be decorated with pleasant decorations. Couples can invite performers to their ceremony. Guests who want to surprise newlyweds can do that in the banquet hall or the spacious lobby. If couples so desire, pets are also welcome to attend the ceremony,” says the Head of the Civil Registry Office of the City of Vilnius.

With lockdown measures being gradually lifted, registering for outgoing marriage ceremonies not only in open spaces but also indoors is already possible.

Marketing and Communications Department, vrt@vilnius.lt