Belarusian start-ups, media and businesses will work in capital’s municipality


Do not be surprised to soon meet Belarusians in Vilnius municipality. The capital’s municipality, which was among the first ones to hoist the historic Belarusian flag on its building, is opening its doors wide open to our neighbours, offering premises that fit 20 workplaces to start-ups, businesses, the media or representatives of NGOs, whom the Belarusian regime forced to move out. Such a decision has been approved today by the members of the Vilnius City Council.

Belarusians currently are in dire need of such assistance to have the freedom and opportunities to continue their activities. They will be provided with premises free of charge.

“Vilnius is stretching out a helping hand to our neighbours while their country is under the occupation of terrorist regime. By accepting and providing workspaces for victims of repressions of the Belarusian dictator, who now seek for asylum, we also contribute to their victory, and come out as winners ourselves – Vilnius is on the rise when creative people driven by a strong desire for freedom choose to work and create in Vilnius”, says the Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius.

Belarusians, who have a national multiple-entry visa or a residence permit in Lithuania, are invited to settle and work on the 2nd floor of the municipality building (Konstitucijos pr. 3). Recommendations of such institutions as VšĮ Investuok Lietuvoje (PI Invest in Lithuania), VšĮ Versli Lietuva (PI Enterprise Lithuania), non-governmental organization Freedom House, the Lithuanian Union of Journalists, and the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Belarus will be important when inviting and selecting people to work in the municipality building.

Belarusians will be provided with a temporary workplace in the premises of Vilnius municipality for 3 months. This period may be extended up to 6 months, if there are no other eligible candidates waiting in line. The premises do not come empty – they are equipped with tables, chairs and Internet access. Belarusians will be able to use common areas on the 1st and 2nd floor of the municipality building.

Applications will be accepted starting the next week. Please, apply by email: